Pope Francis Rightly Declares That Migrants Have Been “Forced Like Jesus Christ To Flee”

Pope Francis, speaking on the world day of migrants and refugees and reported by the Vatican Pontifical Mission to Asia (PIME) news source AsiaNews.It, says that migrants today have been “forced like Jesus Christ to flee”, and they should be welcomes just like Our Lord.

The 106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees will be celebrated on Sunday 27 September 2020. As the title for his annual Message, the Holy Father has chosen “Forced like Jesus Christ to flee”. The Message will focus on the pastoral care of internally displaced persons (IDPs), who currently number over 41 million worldwide.

As the title makes clear, the reflection begins with the experience of the young Jesus and his family as displaced persons and refugees. This provides a Christological grounding for the Christian action of welcome or hospitality. Over the coming months, the theme will be developed in six sub-themes expressed by six pairs of verbs: to know in order to understand; to draw near so as to serve; to listen in order to reconcile; to share and thus to grow; to involve in order to promote; and finally, to collaborate and therefore to build. (source)

I have made clear my disagreements and questions about Pope Francis, something that many others have done, and is a very important thing to do, because there are a lot of questions that need to be answered and issues that need to be resolved.

However, this one on migration is not one of them because where is the lie?

Shoebat.com has been very emphatic for almost four years now, on the basis of consistent and solid evidence, that the refugee crisis has nothing to do with any “invasion” of Europe. Rather, it is being caused by geopolitical fighting made to destabilize their native homelands so that people would migrate.

These people are not migrating because they have nothing better to do. It was not as though some morning a goat herder somewhere in Mali, or some Arab woman in Syria going to the bazaar to buy fruits with her 3-year-old son got up and said “Gee, I really hate white people and Europe. I think I am going to walk thousands of miles across deserts and cross a sea so I can get free welfare benefits and urinate publicly while I celebrate the destruction of the white race and European Christianity.”

These people are migrating because the Americans and Europeans, as Shoebat.com warned about in articles and wrote on for years and have reported, intentionally destabilized their nations, prompted a migration crisis, and then paid a small army of companies, nonprofits, and NGOs as contract partners with the European navy to traffick people into Europe.

This was a forced population transfer. It was done to revive nationalism and militarism, and ultimately in the words of Professor Jason Jorjani, to blame the migrants for Europe’s problems, slaughter them by the tens of millions in death camps with mass deportations as well, and to rehabilitate the image of Hitler as a “great European leader instead of a monster who deserves his own category” while also reviving Europe’s old empires and place as a world power but in a pagan context.

The Holy Family in the Bible did not want to flee to Egypt- but they had to because Herod wanted to murder Jesus.

These migrants are fleeing not because they want to, but because many do not want to die in the chaos that has been forced upon their lands.

Unfortunately, they are fleeing into another trap.

The Vatican has seen many migrations of peoples before. It is the job of the Church to look out for the good will of all and to preach Christ to them, and to help them with their salvation as much as possible. It is certainly not to slaughter them, or to promote eugenic ideas.

There are migrants who can cause problems, but this is with all migrant groups. Does one ban all Italians because of cosa nostra? Of course not. If so, then does not the same standard apply to other peoples, as they are different in appearance and culture but not in dignity?

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