It Does Not Matter What “The Constitution” Says, Putin Is Not Saving Russia, Just Ask His Soviet Mentors

There is a lot of exictement right now online from many people, especially those in “Christian” and “right-wing” circles, about President Putin wanting to define marriage as between a man and a woman in the Russian constitution, and to mention God in it.

These are good things, and certainly praiseworthy in themselves. However, one should be hesitant to jump in praise of them because, as with many things in life, there appears to be a lot more taking place.

Remember what I have said before- the Americans are excellent liars, but the Russians are masters at bluffing. That is, the Russians are experts at giving one impression when the opposite is the reality. There are many examples, of this, but consider the example of the Potemkin village, where during the Soviet years, the Russians invested considerable resources into making fake towns supposedly to give the impression of Soviet prosperity when the reality is that people were starving and poor while the rich (and disproportionately Jewish) Communist elite feasted and lived in luxury.

A similar example can be seen in the state of the Orthodox Church in Russia, which as I have noted, is as much a vehicle of nationalism first as it is one for “spirituality” second, for the identity of the church is not able to be separated from the ethnicity and political concept of the Russian people and Russia. In addition, there exists something called the “dvoeverie”, or “two religions,” where ethno-nationalist paganism and Orthodoxy form a consistent circle where people claim to distinguish between the two and practice the latter and not the former, but the reality is they openly practice the former and yet deny they are doing so at the same time. This is common among many Slavic nations as well.

This is the “key” to understanding the “enigma” that Churchill called Russia. For all of the criticism of the “Western mind”, the fact is that the Western mind tends to function by clear logic with proofs demonstrating such. Thus the criticism by the “east” of “Western logic” is not about actual issue of proof, but as a way to obscure the fact that often times, two or more directly contradicting beliefs will be held and practiced at the same time while one is said to be the “right way” and the other is condemned as “evil” and examples are made of people who practice it.

Basically, it’s just a way of justifying the illogical and erratic proclivities of tyrants, and Russia’s history has been defined by tyrannical autocrats with imperialist tendencies since the mid-16th century.

Let us now return to the situation in Russia. Putin has said that he wants to do three things (among others)

-Mention God in the Russian constitution (source)
-Make marriage between one man and one woman (source)
-Reform the Russian language (source)

The first two things, honestly, do not mean anything at all.

Recall what I said in previous articles- Russia will say one thing, deny the opposite, yet embrace both, and claim she is not while she does it. It is a form of the Potemkin village recontexutalized to different scenarios.

For example, in the Soviet Union, the Soviet constitution guaranteed freedom of religion. Yet ask any person who believed in a religion what would happen if one tried to practice religion. It was a nearly guaranteed ticket to the state labor camps in the Far East, or other forms of punishment and social ostracism.

“But the constitution said freedom of religion.”

So what? This is not the Western world, which in spite of her faults, functions with some degree of consistent logic. This is Russia, and in Russia (or many other Slavic lands), one person can hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time while claiming not to. Illogical behavior is the rule, not the exception. In fact, it would not be a surprise to me if eventually, sodomite rights actually expanded after the new “constitution” was passed, because it is going to be passed because this is not about the people, but beginning with Putin’s admitted attempts to revive the USSR, since this is how he thinks Russia will become a powerful nation again.

The third point is what concerns me the most- the language reform.

In many nations with dictators or who want to start down a path towards dictatorial tendencies, there are attempts made to “reform” the language. China saw this with the destruction of the “traditional” characters and the replacement with the “simplified” system, Russia saw this in the USSR with the destruction of certain old styles of writing and letters and their “simplification”, and one will note that many Central Asian nations, after separating from the USSR and in an attempt to “modernize”, had their often autocratic rulers abolish their old Cyrillic-based alphabets for a Latinized version.

Language and politics are often linked, and in a land such as Russia with a history of bizarre nationalism and wars with the Turkic peoples of Siberia, this is very much the case.

Putin wants to revive the USSR, it is known that he loves Stalin, and he associates with people involved in occultism, ultranationalism, and Soviet Union acolytes.

The USSR was notoriously anti-Christian. Does Putin putting a Christian veneer on the pig face of the USSR he is trying to revive make it a “Christian” nation now? If so, is it not illogical then to say that the support of National Socialism and German militarism by notable elements in the so-called “trad Catholic” movement mean that reviving National Socialism and the German Empire is now a “Christian” goal?

Christianity is Russia is in severe decline, and Putin is not stopping this. The largest religion on the rise in Russia is Islam, and there have been many converts also to the Catholic faith, but not from the Russians, but rather the Central Asian migrants who are seeking something greater than Islam.

There are many Americans who think that because the “Constitution” says something, it means something. That is a truly western approach to the matter, and it is why so many are deceived by statements from Putin such as these. The reality is that Putin is a Stalin acolyte who wants the USSR back, and the only thing he will use any “constitution” for is bathroom tissue to wipe himself after he and his billionaire (and disproportionately Jewish) friends who own all of Russia proverbially continue to relieve themselves on the suffering Russian people and even while Russia continues to collapse from within.

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