Racist BBC Muslim And Self-Described “Luxury Communist” Laughs At White British Forced To Leave London, Brags ‘We Are Winning’ On Television

Ash Sarkar is a Muslim and self-described “luxury communist” who works for the BBC and has a history of making racially questionable comments towards white British people. According to a recent clip that has emerged of her, she has said that ‘we are winning’ in response to white British people becoming a minority in parts of the UK and as commented on by Unity News Network.

Ash Sarkar is a self described ‘luxury communist’ who along with Owen Jones has appeared extensively on mainstream media channels to promote Corbynite policies.

Now a clip has emerged where she appears to be cheering the fact that white people have been forced to leave London.

She says ‘yes lad’s we are winning’ when discussing the fact 1.2 million ethnic minorities have moved to London while 600,000 white people have left. Sarkar publicly states that she is a Muslim and has accused Tory austerity policies of having killed hundreds of thousands of people. (source)

People like Ash Sarkar seriously need to watch their mouths because comments such as this are not a joke. I’m saying this for her good and the good of all people in Europe who do not “look European” because the social conditions are moving dangerously against them towards war.

Remember what Ted, Walid, and I have been saying since 2016- that the manufactured migrant crisis is being used to drive nationalism and xenophobia to militarism and a revival of eugenics couples with the return of European imperialism but without Christianity.

We are witnessing the formation of conditions for World War III.

Likewise, remember what we have constantly stated- that the migrants and anybody who does not “look European” will be put to death or expelled in mass and without consideration simply on the base of race. These were the words of Professor Jason Jorjani, who said that he expects 50 to 100 million people dead, mostly migrants, and the expulsion of all of the migrants who survive.

This is not a joke.

Racism is real, and racial angst is real.

I’m not saying that all Europeans are racist either. Many are not.

What I am saying is that there are serious racial undercurrents right now flowing very aggressively in Europe, and the various “brown” peoples in Europe are being looked at with anger by many people. This is because lots of these same people right now are being presented- much with good reason -as a source of crime and social chaos in Europe.

This is not to say that all of such people are the cause of crime. However, it means that when it comes to crime, they tend to be disproportionately represented.

Making comments such as this above adds insult to injury for many “native Europeans”. It is essentially viewed by them as mocking their people and encouraging hatred of them at the same time special privelages are demanded of by these same groups.

I am not saying that racism is good or encouraging genocide. I’m saying that the animosity has roots, as all things have an origin.

I am also not saying that the mistreatment of European people and culture is good. I’m saying that eugenics and mass murder is not the answer.

I am saying that a main reason for the problems in Europe is the rejection of God and Christianity.

I am saying that right now people need to seriously consider leaving Europe, especially if they do not “look European”, for the sake of their own lives.

I am saying that a war is brewing, and many will not be ready for it.

We all need to watch what we say so that we do not encourage the new eugenicists of today.

Because they are watching, and they are looking for reasons to justify their new wave of violence.

And Sarkar just gave them one more reason with her comments, whether meaning to or not, that they will use to lobby for their cause.

Normally I do not watch Muslim rap, but this video which was put out a few days ago has a decent point.

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