Female Sodomite Burns Down Apartment Building, Destroys Countless Peoples’ Property And Lives And Kills One Man In Fit Of Rage Against Her Sodomite Lover

Sodomites have a long history of violence, which is something that Shoebat.com has tried to document because the rates happen at those which are above average of the national population and are seldom discussed in a serious way. In a story out of Hartford, a sodomite was arrested for a host of charges, including arson, assault, and homicide after she started a fire that burned down her apartment building and killed one man after she set a bottle of hand sanitizer on fire and threw it at her sodomite lover she was having a disagreement with according to NBC Connecticut

The woman accused of starting the fatal fire that ripped through a Hartford apartment building early Sunday morning lit a bottle of hand sanitizer on fire and threw it at her girlfriend during a domestic altercation, according to Hartford police.

The Office of the Medical Examiner has classified his death as a homicide due to smoke inhalation, according to police.

Two children and two adults were taken to the hospital in critical condition and two of those victims were flown by Life Star to Bridgeport Hospital, police said.

The conditions of all four have since stabilized.

Waite is facing a felony murder charge, according to the State’s Attorney’s Office. She also faces an arson charge and four counts of first-degree assault connected to the four victims who were critically injured, police said. (source)

To make matters worse, I know this exact area very well due to family connections. It is a miracle the fire did not spread to other parts, or that more people were not killed.

This should not be looked at as a surprise. It should not be considered unique. It is just another day in the reality of sodom, which while it is portrayed as something based on “love” and “choice”, the fact is that the sin of sodom called down the wrath of God from Heaven as a sign for all time against that and her other cities on the ancient plains of what was Middle Ghor.

This action, however small, is a true insight into the reality of sodomite behavior. It does not bring joy, and many sodomites are not happy themselves, but they are filled with anger, they hate themselves, they hate each other, and there is a tremendous amount of violence that is so strong and rooted to their particular behaviors that it cannot be covered up indefinitely because it will inevitably manifest even against other and innocent persons such as those in the apartment that day.

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