Sodomites Have A Higher Risk Of COVID-19 Coronavirus

Sodomites are known as vectors of disease. This is not said out of one’s own opinion, but as a matter of medical and statistical fact, as has noted the many studies from major health agencies and private groups that clearly show rates of disease, drug use, cancer, and related illnesses as much higher rates than the normal population. This should not be a surprise, for if there is concern about spreading disease simply from not washing one’s hands or drinking from somebody else’s cup, it is very strange to see how it would be considered OK to think it is normal or healthy for a man to establish his identity around having large numbers strangers masturbate or violently shove their fists into his intestines.

The recent spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus has continued to demonstrate how the sodomites have weakened health due to their actions, as even the sodomite publication LGBTQ Nation, which has expressed regular hatred at for writing about the behaviors, activities, and stories of things which sodomites do, notes that sodomites are much more likely to become sick from the pandemic.

First, LGBTQ people are 50% more likely to smoke than cisgender, heterosexual people, according to the letter. Coronavirus is a respiratory disease and smoking – and likely using e-cigarettes as well – reduces immunity to respiratory diseases and makes recovery from those diseases take longer.

Second, LGBTQ people have higher rates of both cancer and HIV, both of which can compromise a person’s immune system. While doctors don’t believe that people living with HIV whose viral loads are undetectable are at significantly greater risk of getting coronavirus, many LGBTQ people either don’t know they have contracted HIV or are not managing it well. (source)

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