Bear Market Territory Is Upon Wall Street After Dow Plunges Again Amid Viral Chaos

The COVID-19 coronavirus may be a threat to public health, but the greater threat comes from people who are overreacting to it. A recent market sell-off resulted in a sudden drop this morning after announcements from Trump about the virus, pushing the now longest “bull market” in history into the slaughterhouse as a “bear market” awakens from its hibernation as reported by NBC.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 2,000 points Thursday morning after President Donald Trump’s long-awaited response to the coronavirus epidemic triggered a massive sell-off on Wall Street.

The S&P 500 plunged by 7 percent, triggering a circuit breaker, which halts all trading on the New York Stock Exchange for 15 minutes.

All three major averages sank after Trump’s Oval Office address Wednesday night failed to satisfy traders who were hoping for more concrete steps to allay any economic slowdown from the viral outbreak. (source)

Remember that the US is the largest economy in the world. When the US gets a “cold”, all other markets inevitably suffer worse because of the interconnectivity of the world market.

Recall the words of Niklas Frank, son of the National Socialist governor of Poland during World War II Hans Frank:

In his words,

“do not trust Germany,”

and in his words,

“as long as our economy is great and as long as we make money, everything is very democratic, but let’s wait and see if we have heavy economic problems, and the lake is a swamp, and a sea and will swallow again everything.”

If the US has economic problems, Germany WILL have economic problems.

In the words of Frank, if Germany starts to suffer, nationalism- the kind during World War II -will return he fears.

Ask yourself, is the COVID-19 epidemic truly as serious as it is, or could there be more to it than what is being presented with the disease being used as an excuse?

Ask yourself, is it just an accident that another “refugee crisis” is happening now, in 2020, after it was declared many months before by German and American publications that it would?

Ask yourself, does one believe this is “organic”, or that like 2016 as proved as well as other organizations, that the entire crisis is being manufactured by economic, political, and social manipulation?

Ask yourself, does one not remember that history is song that rhymes?

This COVID-19 nonsense is a lot more than just a disease.

This is about power games, going up to the foundations of the world itself by those in charge of them.

This is preparation for a Third World War.

You are seeing it.

You are living it.

You are part of history.

Stand up now while there is still time to stand, lest you go down in history as one of those people who the future condemns by saying “how could they not see what was happening when the signs were all around them?”

Are you unsure how this could happen? Just as the Germans in 1930. Do you think you are an exception to them? For they are just as human as you are.

Stand up now while you still can.

The time runs short.

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