Police Arrest Eleven Sodomites In Grindr Sting Trying To Rape Young Boys

People talked for years about the dangers of Myspace and sexual predators for men with women, but when it comes to the sodomites, there is a major silence about the epidemic of sodomite men trying to rape boys, especially by way of the app Grindr. According to a story out of Oklahoma, a conversation reported to a teacher resulted in the exposure of eleven sodomites attempting to lure young boys to rape according to KRMG News Oklahoma.

The Pawnee County Sheriff says the investigation started when a middle school student accused an older classmate of making a lewd proposal.

That case led investigators to look into social media app, which lead them to the men who the sheriff says were targeting underage boys for sex.

In total, 11 men were arrested as a result of the investigation.

Sheriff Mike Waters said the suspects were caught through an app called Grindr.

Three of the men live in Pawnee.

The others are from Pawhuska, Ponca City, Stillwater, Ripley, Oilton, Glencoe and Vinita.

The sheriff believes all of the men knew the boys were underage when they engaged in illicit conversations through the app. (source)

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