Merkel Declares That Coronavirus Is The “Greatest Challenge” Since World War II

According to, Merkel has called the COVID-19 Coronavirus the “greatest challenge” since World War II.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday said that the coronavirus posed the greatest threat to the nation since the end of World War II in a video statement Wednesday.

“I truly believe that we will succeed in the task before us, so long as all the citizens of this country understand that it is also their task,” Merkel said, according to German broadcaster Deutsche Welle. “So let me say this: The situation is serious. Please take it seriously. Since German unification, indeed since the Second World War, there has been no challenge to our nation that has demanded such a degree of common and united action.”

“Millions of you cannot work, cannot take your children to schools or kindergartens. Theaters, cinemas and stores are closed. And perhaps most difficult of all — we cannot have the contacts to one another that we otherwise take for granted,” she added. “It’s natural that in a situation such as this, all of us has many questions and concerns about how things will continue.” (source)

This is not good, and not Merkel’s claims, but the fact that she is invoking the Second World War. has been warning that Germany is going to rise again, and that as Bernard Connolly said in 2009, world crises would be used to justify a return of global European power.

This virus is the perfect cover for all of this, for while not to say that it is not a threat, it is allowing for governments to act with unchecked power to do what they want.

The challenge is not the virus- it is what people are doing in the name of or due to the virus as a justification that makes it so dangerous.

If Trump will seriously talk of printing money in never-before-seen quantities, one can only imagine what Germany has planned, given her long and violent history.

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