Unemployment Websites Crash As People Desperately Try To Get Help

I warned that an unemployment crisis could happen following an economic downturn, and this seems to be happening, as NBC News reports that unemployment websites are crashing following the numbers of people being put out of work buy the COVID-19 coronavirus situation.

Workers who have suddenly found themselves without a paycheck because of the growing coronavirus pandemic in the United States are now dealing with another frustration — state unemployment websites crashing because of high traffic.

From Oregon to New York and Washington, D.C., officials and Twitter users have highlighted the problem after the mass closing of restaurants, retail stores and other businesses as part of the effort to slow the spread of the virus.

Some states are responding by staggering the days on which people apply for unemployment benefits based on the first letter of applicants’ last names.

A user whose Twitter account says she is from Columbus, Ohio, posted that the unemployment website in her area “can only handle about 3 people at a time apparently.” (source)

If you do not have a second job, I highly recommend you start applying now.

Try to get work, get as much as you can because things are going to get bad.

You cannot depend on work security for the next year or two.

Start looking is what I, speaking as an individual, would suggest to do.

You have been counseled.

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