Nigel Farage Declares The “West” Needs To “Rethink” Her Relationship With China

The British politician and provocateur Nigel Farage has declared in an article in Newsweek that the “West” needs to “rethink” its relationship with China after the COVID-19 epidemic.

The West’s supply chains have become too dependent on China.To see China now exploiting a crisis that they have caused to spread their influence further and deeper into Europe should send a chill down our spines. If nothing else, Boris Johnson must see that his decision to invite the Chinese firm Huawei to build Britain’s 5G network is the wrong one. I have pointed out before that many members of our big business class, of the civil service, and indeed of our political class are increasingly in the pay of China. They ought to take their noses out of the trough and have a think. Their financial wellbeing is not above the good of our nation. The political correctness which their business deals engender means we are not able to speak the truth openly about a crisis like this one. This is highly corrosive.

I have no ill-will against the Chinese people whatsoever; nor against Chinese doctors battling the pandemic in Wuhan, nor against Chinese scientists working shoulder to shoulder with their colleagues around the world to break the code of the disease. But the fact remains that China is an ideological state with its own long-term purpose in mind, and President Xi—now in a totally commanding position in Chinese society—is not our friend. (source) warned about this, saying that the virus may be used as an excuse to pull manufacturing from China, blame a major economic crisis on the Chinese, and isolate China in preparation for a major war.

Why else did Trump meet immediately with Modi in India as soon as this crisis started? It was not an accident, but preparations for business, as India is China’s largest competitor.

China is trying to give the impression of this being under control, and the US does not want it under control because China wants to prevent a revolution, and the US is trying to stir one up even if it means hurting her own people.

It is not irrational to suspect that the US is actively aiding the suffering of her own people for the fact that she wants to use them as political fodder to justify anti-Chinese sentiment for the purpose of war and with that, raising the specter of nationalism again.

All things that Mr. Faraj Farage has supported, while working with the new nationalists in Europe and America, supporting them the whole time.

I am not saying that China is good. I am saying that eugenics and politically-motivated murders are evil, no matter who does it because human life has value, and that the anti-China push with the virus seems a lot more than accidental, and a highly political thing for the purpose of raising the specter of nationalism again.

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