China Reports No New COVID-19 Cases

In a story coming out of NBC News, China has reported no new COVID-19 deaths.

For the first time since the outbreak began, China’s National Health Commission on Thursday morning reported no new domestic cases of the coronavirus illness COVID-19.

The numbers from Wednesday on mainland China include 34 new confirmed cases, but the health commission lists those as “newly diagnosed imported cases.” Those were mainly in Beijing, but also in Guangdong, Shanghai, Heilongjiang and Zhejiang.

Deaths continued to rise in mainland China, but at a low rate. Only eight deaths were reported, all of which occurred in Hubei province, which is includes the city of Wuhan and where the outbreak began. (source)

It is possible this is true. However, I am weary to trust the Chinese, as they are not known for telling the truth. I rather expect in a few months, there may be an “explosion” of stories showing that there were a lot more people with the illness.

But the point here is not just to say if China is lying or not, but to note that the virus is, as it has been expected, producing serious anti-China sentiment in the US and that is being fanned by the political class.

Be very wary of this, as remember, the end purpose is war, and one with China.

Do not fall for the temptation of “pro-China” or “anti-China” rhetoric. This is about sowing tension in society to put people into groups and start conflict.

There is nothing good that can come from this. Communist China is evil, but so is supporting national socialism or other of such causes.

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