Putin One-Ups The “Trump Stack”, Promises Yang-Style “Putin Payouts” To Russian Children Aged Three To Seven

The “Trump Stack,” or the potential payouts of $1,200 USD per person who earns less that $75,000 per year may be Trumped by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “Putin Payouts”, a series of Andrew Yang style payments for children aged three to seven that come monthly equivalent to fifty percent of a month’s wage as the Russian news agency TASS reports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on monthly payments for children aged 3 to 7 years. According to a document published on the official portal of legal information, payments in the amount of 50% of the regional living wage for a child can be received by families in which the average per capita income does not exceed the living wage per capita established in the region.

“To establish from January 1, 2020, a monthly cash payment for a child aged three to seven years inclusive,” the decree says. The document also notes that this payment is provided if the average per capita income of the family does not exceed the subsistence level per capita established in the subject of the Russian Federation.

According to the document, “the amount of the monthly payment is 50% of the cost of living for children, established in the constituent entity of the Russian Federation for the second quarter of the year preceding the year of applying for the appointment of the monthly payment.” (source)

Putin is a socialist, and he wants Russia to return to her Soviet days. He has made this very clear by his actions as well as from his critics. To Putin, Russia’s greatness is equivalent to her Soviet days, and as he deeply reveres Stalin, he is seemingly modeling himself after Stalin’s actions, save (for now) of the mass deportations and deaths (that is, unless one does not count the fact that Russia’s population continues to fall by one million per year in spite of mass migration from Central Asia).

Trump has claimed to be against socialism, but his actions show that he is not, especially if he is considering mass government payouts to arguably most of the population.

This is not an insult to Putin or Trump. It is an observation for both, and would apply to anybody else.

Putin is doing this to try to encourage families in Russia, because the Russian people- the ethnic Russians -are not reproducing. This is a sad fact that I have written about a lot. To the contrary, Central Asian people are having two to three children on average. Objectively speaking, and not without trying imply any sort of racial animosity, they are actively replacing the Russians.

Putin has tried many ideas to try and get the Russians to have children, but none have worked so far and this is evidenced by the fertility numbers. This is clearly a noble attempt to inspire people to have children, but what may happen in reality is that the Central Asian peoples will continue to have- and may have more -children, but the Russians will likely stay on their current trajectory because the problem is one from within, as most Russians do not believe in God, the family unit is in very serious trouble, and degeneracy is rampant. In this way, there is a similarity in the state of the Russian family with the US economy, for no matter what one does, the economy has fundamental problems that will likely not improve unless drastic changes happen.

Russia is returning to the same sort of socialist society of the 20th century that nearly destroyed Russia completely, and the US is following down her path, for while she has for a long time, she is only making this more obvious, and both are being done by Presidents viewed by many as “patriots” who are trying to make their nations “great” again.

So, who wants to still complain about those “Obama phones”?

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