Trump Declares “We Can’t Let The Cruise Lines Go Out Of Business”

Trump recently gave a very interesting speech about the situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus situation. You can see the original talk below.

I watched the entire thing, and I can come away with a few points in it.

Trump made very clear that while “we are a country based not on nationalizing our business”, he said that “we have to help the worker, and save the companies”. He noted among other things that “we cant let the cruise lines go out of business”, and that in order to provide assistance, “we will do that in many ways, including a substantial cash payment.”

Referring to the virus as both a “Chinese virus” and “the hidden enemy”, he said that he will be “working urgently with Congress to support the millions of workers…who have been hit by the virus through no fault of their own…this will help our economy, our economy will skyrocket after this.”

He said that the National Guard in California, New York, and Washington has been deployed, and “Fema will be funding 100% of National Guard costs to carry out approved missions to stop the virus”. He added that “the federal government has deployed hundreds of tons of supplies” and opened “alternate care sites” with FEMA where over ten thousand beds across three states will be ready.

At the concern of reporters, Trump insisted that nationalization of industry is not taking place, but collaboration, and according to FEMA spokesmen who accompanied and spoke with Trump, this is the “greatest mobilization of the industrial base since World War II” for “building up rapidly our capabilities to get what we need” and is about “mobilization….re-purposing and rebuilding up capabilities”.

He also expressed strong disapproval with China, saying that people in the US died because China waited in what Trump said he “[thought was] out of pride.”

“Our relationship with China is a very good relationship, we wish they told us three months sooner,” said Trump. “We could have saved a lot of lives throughout the world.”

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