It’s A Modern Day “Beavis And Butthead” Show As Pelosi One-Ups The “Trump Stack” With A “Pelosi Promise” Of $2.5 Trillion In Socialist Handouts

For those who remember MTV when it was actually interesting (as in it was a venue of alternative culture similar to what IRC and 4Chan became with the Internet), there was a cartoon called “Beavis and Butthead”, and the premise was about two moronic teenagers who went around doing stupid stuff, with one trying to one-up the other essentially in more disgusting ways.

Thus, it is very appropriate that in the current debate between Republicans and Democrats, Pelosi is now offering a “Pelosi promise” instead of the “Trump Stack”, with even more socialist handouts than what Trump wants to give.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled on Monday a sweeping counterproposal to Senate Republicans’ $1.8 trillion coronavirus stimulus package.

Why it matters: House Democrats’ legislation — which comes with a $2.5 trillion price tag — comes after negotiations between Capitol Hill leaders and the White House broke down over the weekend, culminating in two failed procedural votes that have left the Senate Republicans’ bill in limbo.

The state of play: Democrats, who have asserted that the Senate GOP bill is a corporate slush fund that doesn’t do enough to help American workers, are hoping that the release of this bill will give them more leverage in negotiations with Republicans. (source)

Now, we have Republican Ted Cruz talking about how “bad” Democrats are for trying to put a “socialist” agenda into the bill, which the Right Scoop reported on.

Beavis and Butthead jokes aside, I bring these two morons up because while they are cartoons, their antics are a reflection of the political arena.

Who do you support? Beavis? Butthead? Or how about neither, because both are just a couple of idiots who beat themselves stupid?

This is the situation that we find ourselves in politically.

I say it often, and I will say it again: there are no winners in this game. Both sides are racing America’s economy to the bottom in a long-played and delayed game of financial manipulation.

It was inevitable that a financial crash would come. This is a given because the system was not meant to survive. I can explain the details of it at a later time (and I shall, because they require a lot of details to appropriately address in even a small way), but what you need to know is that the US dollar in its current state was meant to fail so it could manipulate countries and then be unloaded onto them so to get free stuff with the anticipation of a future conflict.

The Democrats and Republicans are not helping anything, because they can’t, just like how Beavis and Butthead cannot help but be stupid because they are morons.

My question to you, the common man, is why are you worried about two fools?

Let them give the “stimulus” because they are going to. It is a political act, and it is about running out the currency so to start a war in the future by crashing the economy out of a plan that existed for a long time.

Stop worrying about which party is better, because none are. Nobody is coming to help you. If anything, they are coming to speed the hyperinflation of your savings and reduce them to nothing.

Like I said, the best thing that you can do is to pay down debts, and prepare yourself. That is all.

You did not make this mess.

It is not our fault because it is tied to the financial system.

Rather, we are surfers. It is for us to ride the wave of chaos safely to shore.

The way to do this is to ignore the fighting.

Who cares about Trump or Pelosi? Let the morons fight it out just like Beavis and Butthead trying to figure out how to stop a nose bleed.

But you? Be smarter. Work, prepare, and save for the inevitable that will come just like a thief in the night. Don’t follow the lead of not two fools, but two foolish political parties riding a carousel of doom. Stay away from them, let them fight, and come what may to be dealt with then. Anything else is just a distraction or worse, using men with good intentions to suck their life and energy for political causes for the benefit of another just as how a vampire feeds off of the lifeblood of the living.

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