The Coronavirus And Another 9/11

Last year, I wrote and article about a story that I called the “Mile High Massacre”, in which I said that a major event, specifically a terrorist attack or the equivalent, was very likely in the near future that would be used for the purpose of reviving nationalism and expediting the current situation towards a global war.

It is certain that the possibility for a similar terror attack exists in the future. However, given the effects of the reaction to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, I cannot help but ask if we are seeing another “9/11” take place right now, for this is going to have a 9/11 effect in that our lives will never fully go back to normal.

Consider that before this crisis happened, over 1,400 CEO’s stepped down this year – more than any other year. The step downs increased right before the virus panic began. Now while it is possible that there was just a “co-incidence”, experience from life teaches that this is rarely the case, for it seems as though they knew the crash was coming. Likewise, about a month before the virus panic began former CEO’s and congressmen began shorting the market and investing in home teaching technology.

While exact details are still not absolutely confirmed and one can judge for himself what may have happened, such a response from business and those in position of major financial power is not unexpected since they are not afraid of a market collapse since they are shorting the market itself, as they are no longer tied to their companies, which will be nationalized at least in part as part of the bailout agreements. After all, what could be more evidence of nationalizaiton other than the fact that as part of the eventual airline bailouts the US government will become at least a partial owner?

The worst hit is the middle class, which is being wiped out by the panic and the shutdowns. All small, independently owned businesses are being wiped out and they won’t get a bailout. I can speak from the experience of at least two people, one who is having a lot of trouble right now, that their experience is not alone. It appears that when this is done, “all that will be left” (for a large part) will be government owned international corporations and a slave class that will eventually be put on UBI such as has been tested in other states and municipalities.

But what will the social effects be? We have warned that just as it is not the blast from a nuclear bomb that seriously kills people but the fallout from it, that it will be the fallout from the virus-justified changes that will be the death of the current way of life even more than what happened with 9/11 and the changes ushered in immediately afterwards.

What could the future hold? A new medical tyranny as people cry out “NEVER AGAIN!” just as they did with the Holocaust even while those in power have actively been working towards a revival of a new eugenics that we see today? Could we see thermal cameras, random temperature checks, and forced vaccinations as an enforced “measure” of “public safety”?. Never mind that there has been concern about how much of new vaccine science has or has began to incorporate gene editing it what is basically CRISPR packaged into a syringe. Given the record of business and government, it’s only a matter of time before the gene editing crosses the germ line and the edited genes replicate, and then who knows what the changes could be? Could such “vaccines” eventually be used as a pretext to justify larger and more serious attempts at genetic modifications or editing?

But more immediate will be what we have already seen, which is the orientation towards a “new normal” that while not necessarily bad in itself, will be used to further isolate people and put forth as a justification to “reduce costs” for corporations. Working and studying from home will become the norm and people will spend more time at home online, and while there is much good in this, the concern is over people’s attitudes concerning freedom of movement. Will they continue to take this seriously as we have it today? Since it has already been known for a long time that there are active attempts to being putting restrictions on the freedom of movement for Americans, could claims of “defending public health” and perhaps allegations of “maintaining the public order” be used to eventually create a system of monitoring over people? Could we see other things in the future, such as “extended quarantines” that would naturally involve the concentration of people in large numbers into one spot for “safety”?

The virus itself is serious and needs to be taken seriously, as the disinformation is strong surrounding it, and it is better to use caution than to assume. However, ultimately the virus will likely be looked at as a small bump on a longer and much more serious road to tyranny and the suppression of human freedom on a scale and with such an intensity that it is possible in the future, people will look back at Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, and comment on their relative humanitarian attitude towards their people because the potential for a future more terrifying than anything of the horrors of the twentieth century and certainly more than any science fiction novel is standing on the threshold of the future of the world that will likely dwarf even the combined evil actions of all three men.

A single or perhaps one of several 9/11s for the future may be happening right now, and so few tend to notice it.

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