It’s Not Just One, But Eight Strains Of COVID-19

The entire situation with COVID-19 has been very strange, and it has raised many questions. Indeed, there is clear evidence the illness is as dangerous as some say, but also with a lot of evidence of people recovering from it. As such, there is little that we can say conclusively about it, especially since data concerning it is also questionable too. What we can say is that it is a threat for sure.

Because of the strange nature of the infections, some have speculated, including, that there may be at least two strains of virus. However, we must report that we were wrong, for according to the New York Post, it is not two, but eight strains of COVID-19 that appear to be circulating as the UK Daily Mail reports by way of USA Today.

Scientists around the world are tracking at least eight strains of coronavirus around the world, using genetic detective work to show how the virus spreads.

Researchers say the virus appears to mutate very slowly, with only tiny differences between the different strains, and that none of the strains of the virus is more deadly than another.

They also say it does not appear the strains will grow more lethal as they evolve.

‘The virus mutates so slowly that the virus strains are fundamentally very similar to each other,’ Charles Chiu, a professor of medicine and infectious disease at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, told USA Today. (source)

Some are saying this is because the disease is mutating, and retroviruses have a history of this. However, I suspect there is something more going on here.

We know this from STDs, something that we have documented extensively at because of their ties to the sodomite movement. STDs, including retroviruses such as HIV/AIDS, do mutate, but it usually take time and involves the “mixing” of strains. Sodomites even brag about this, where they intentionally try to “collect” different HIV strains and mix them by way of their actions to get more “powerful” ones because they view acquiring and even causing the creation of deadlier strains as a sort of eroticism.

However, doing this takes a lot of time. It does not happen in a matter of a few months, but usually at least six months to a year before anything starts to emerge, and it takes time to spread.

It has been about three months since the COVID-19 situation began, and already there are not two, but eight different variants of the same illness circulating?

This seems very odd and inconsistent with all past experiences of natural generation.

We have no proof to ascertain this, and so we are left only to speculation, but one should consider it possible that the ’emergence’ of these eight strains was not caused by natural generation, but that they were intentionally released into the public from a military lab or the like for the purpose of making people sick, furthering chaos, and using the chaos to restructure society.

We already have strong evidence indicating that COVID-19 was a US-made bioweapon stolen by Chinese spies and, somehow, was released from its containment facility in Wuhan. Variants of this story have been made consistently by individuals in the field of virology, major universities, and even governments.

There is something wrong with this whole COVID-19 situation, and it is not with Chinese lies that the situation is under control. It goes right to the American and Israeli connections to this virus and access to the Chinese bioweapons program, and how “suddenly” the US is the world epicenter of the virus with mysterious strains generating almost instantly with no clear explanation as to how said ‘mutations’ are emerging so rapidly.

It may be that natural mutations are taking place, and this would have to be determined by research. However, given the already great number of questions that exists about this COVID-19 program, the trade war that the US has been waging against China, the US Dollar that has been propped up for years from suffering from terminal collapse, the preparations taking place for decades on the way to a Third World War, and noted attempts to use a crisis to blame China in order to isolate her, move US manufacturing from her, and to justify more nationalism and militarization as the post-World War II world is ripped apart, it is the only prudent option to be open to a multiplicity of unique and different possibilities.

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