Russian Orthodox Church Prepares To Open Cathedral With Murals Honoring Stalin, Putin, And The Soviet Union

In November 2018, I reported that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was opening a church with National Socialist and occult imagery. Since both of these things are directly opposed to Christianity, the act was not only blasphemous, but the equivocation of God and Christianity with national politics, something that is a tremendous and unresolved problem in the Orthodox world.

If what Ukraine did was bad, the Russian Orthodox Church is about to outdo the Ukrainians with the opening of the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral, which openly has murals lauding the Soviet Union, including fawning adoration of the absolutely and unquestionably wicked Stalin, as well as with murals of both Putin and Russian chief military general Sergei Shoigu as the UK Guardian reports.

Russia is planning to open a huge cathedral with mosaics depicting Vladimir Putin and Joseph Stalin, as well as the annexation of Crimea, on the 75th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany next month.

The mammoth structure will be one of the world’s tallest Orthodox cathedrals when it opens in the military’s Patriot Park outside Moscow on 9 May .

Largely, the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral is a monument to the Soviet victory in the second world war. The diameter of the drum under the main cupola will measure 19.45 metres to signify the year the war ended, and a “road of memory” will have 1,418 steps, corresponding to the number of days the Soviet Union fought in the war. Its main steps are reportedly forged from metal salvaged from Nazi military hardware.

But special attention has been paid to several eye-catching mosaics that glorify Putin and other Russian officials during the annexation of Crimea in 2014, an operation led by unmarked Russian army units referred to as “little green men”.

One of the mosaics, first revealed by the MBKh News website, depicts Putin, Sergei Shoigu, the defence minister, Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the Federal Security Service, and other top brass walking among a sea of Russians bearing tricolour flags. Also in the crowd appear to be Valery Gerasimov, a prominent Russian general, and Sergey Aksyonov, the current head of Crimea installed by Putin.

A missing panel photographed separately shows several women in front of a sign that reads “Crimea is ours”.
Andrey Kuraev, an archdeacon, wrote: “It’s like a guilty plea to The Hague. If an icon with the conquest of Crimea is placed in an army cathedral, that means the army played a decisive role in this operation.”

Church officials confirmed the leaked pictures, saying it was custom to include real figures in church mosaics.

“There has always been this tradition, when historical scenes are depicted from one period or another. It’s understood that one of these meaningful events was the accession of Crimea. The leading members of the government, who will be depicted here, took part in that accession,” Bishop Stefan, the head of the cathedral, told the business newspaper RBC.

Another mosaic depicts the 1945 parade following the victory over Nazi Germany, with a crowd of soldiers standing in front of the Kremlin and a banner bearing a portrait of Stalin. It is one of his first appearances on a state building since the 1960s.

“They are holding a poster with Stalin, but he isn’t among the marshals of the victory, despite being the commander in chief,” the artist who made the mosaics told the Novaya Gazeta newspaper.

Putin has reacted carefully to public revelations about the mosaics. A spokesman said on Sunday: “When he was told about this, he smiled and said: ‘Someday our thankful descendants will appreciate our merits, but it’s too early to do so now.’”

On Monday evening the church said it would engage its arts committee to review the mosaic. (source)

I have reported for years at that Putin, both from people I have spoken with as well as independent research, all say that Putin adores Stalin to the point of engaging in occult practices to contact and channel his spirit for national ends, and how Putin is modeling himself after Stalin.

What more proof is needed? Does one need to replace the Cross with a statue of Stalin?

Likewise, why does Putin need to be painted into the church? It would be very wrong to paint Pope Francis into a Catholic Church, or any living person, especially one who did bad things. Why then would it be appropriate for Russia to laud a mass murderer (Stalin) and an aspiring dictator to the previous mass murderer (Putin) in a building that is supposed to be a house for God?

If this is so evil, where is the Russian Orthodox Church? How about the hordes of Russian Orthodox priests speaking out against it? Indeed, one does not even find a solitary audible voice on this matter.

I reported that based on available data from ex-KGB sources, they said that the Russian Orthodox Church has been fully compromised by the KGB since the 1970s and functions as a puppet of them, including the Patriarch as a KGB agent. These same criticisms have also been noted by ROCOR, which is a branch of the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia (hence the acronym) who separated based on the schism caused by communism.

As the Second Great Schism- the split between the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox t-hat has divided the Orthodox world continues, it is not helping the situation of either church. None are discussing theological matters for the split, but it is solely about ethnic politics and national power as it has been throughout history in the Orthodox world. However, now the schism is coming to a particular head because both are worshiping nation over Christ, be it Azov in Ukraine or Stalin and Putin in Russia.

Did “the Pope” cause these things? Absolutely not. It is strictly about power, which is the reality of most of the discussions about minor theological differences of emphasis that have been thoroughly discussed between East and West, for the theology is like with Luther’s rebellion, a cover for the true end, which is a rejection of Christ’s command in Sacred Scripture that Peter is the rock upon which Christ Himself will build His Church and which the gates of Hell will not prevail over and which has the power to bind and loose on Heaven that which is on Earth, and Peter was sent to Rome, not to Constantinople, Moscow, or Berlin.

Is it a surprise why so much effort a deception has been lobbed at the Catholic Church today for all to see, and while? After all, those who are already deceived and embedded in their own delusions, pitted against each other, do not need further efforts made to delude them since doing as such would be redundant. \\

This “church” is not a church. It is a nationalistic monument to an evil cause, and if the Russian Orthodox Church should refuse to stop it from being put out the way it is, given all of the history of the 20th century and what has transpired in the ROC with the context of theology, history, and beliefs, then it is not Christ who sits in that church, but the devil who waves the flag of nationalism and claims Christ as a banner but while denying all that Christ came to teach and advocating that which He came to destroy.

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