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Dutch Doctor Who Forcibly Euthanized Patient Against Her Will Declares She Would Do It Again

Holland is known for her support of eugenics by way of euthanasia. This is a tremendous scandal, but according to a recent story from Dutch News, a doctor who was acquitted of murder after euthanizing a patient against her will said that she would do it again. he doctor who was cleared of murder for […]

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Why Not? Now Scientists Are Talking About A New Swine Flu Strain For A Second Pandemic

Right now, the world is in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some may ask, how could things become even worse, perhaps outside of a second pandemic. Yet this is what CNBC reports, that there is the possibility of a second pandemic in the making right now, this time involving swine flu. Scientists have identified […]

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Report: Trump Casual Talks With World Leaders Actively Threaten US National Security

I have said before, and I will not stop emphasizing that regardless what one thinks of Trump, given the situation by which he was elected, he was given an opportunity of history to make a real and good difference for many. I do not believe anybody who wants to speak objective about his legacy can […]

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Almost Half Of The US Is Out Of Work

Having a job is a very important responsibility in the US because if one does not have money, one cannot participate fully in society. The reality of a “pay-to-play” system is serious, and the less money one has, the less one can partake of it. It is of great interest then that recent numbers show […]

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The Zoomer Generation And Generation Alpha Are Heading Towards A World Of Fascism, Nationalism And Militarism

By Theodore Shoebat Generation Alpha (born in the 2010s) and Generation Z (born in the mid-90s and mid-2010s, also called Zoomers) are growing up into a volatile world where — unlike what we have been accustomed to for decades — the United States will not be the governing force of the world any longer. This […]

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Prospects Of A Second Stimulus Check Grow

Many people were very happy to receive a stimulus check earlier this year from the government. Now as the economy has not improved and many people are looking for work but none can be found and with bills to be paid, the government is considering another check, and the possibilities of it being issues are […]

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Coronavirus Cases ‘Keep Surging’ Across California

COVID-19 has not abated at all as a threat, but just as a threat can either take different forms, appear at a later time, or both, this seems to be what is happening with COVID-19. It is spreading as we speak, but at the same time, as the numbers rise, scientists point to a time […]

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AirBNB Founder Declares That Travel Will Never Be The Same Again

Travel has changed a lot as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Some might say that a major change was already in progress, but the virus simply expedited what was going to be inevitable. As such, AirBNB CEO Brian Chesky has said that not only has this happened, but that air travel will “never, ever” […]

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Prepare For Wave 2.0 As COVID-19 Situation And Infections Get A Lot Worse

COVID-19 is the pandemic that keeps on giving. I have noted that based on the data, it is very likely a re-emergence will take place this fall, sometime between September and November. As a part of the build up to this, HHS Secretary Alex Azar noted in a report from CNN that the situation with […]

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Trump Does Seemingly MAGA Thing, Signs Order Prioritizing Experience Over Degrees In Federal Employment

A major complaint of college graduates and people in the work force is the focus on ‘education’ in the job market, which employers for a long time have wanted to be highly specified to the detriment of real world experience. Things are so strange that at the current time in history, it is not uncommon […]

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It’s Fascism 2.0 As The Fed Is Buying More Corporate Bonds Than Expected

Fascism is most simply defined as the merger of state and corporate power. This is what people warned about, including, with the entire “coronavirus stimulus” that was passed, for aside from giving check out to people, the package involved government writing down business debt in exchange for a percent of ownership. This is fascism […]

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Major Mistake As Trump Accidentally Tweets Video Promoting “White Power”

It would be interesting to know who was posting for Trump’s Twitter account after AP News reports a video with a man shouting “white power” in it was retweeted before it was deleted from his feed. President Donald Trump on Sunday tweeted approvingly of a video showing one of his supporters chanting “white power,” a […]

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There Are Now Ten Million People In The World With Coronavirus And Almost Half A million People Dead From The Virus

There are now ten million people in the world with covid, and almost half a million people dead from this devastating virus. Some medical experts are warning that 380,000 people in Latin America could be wiped out by October. As we read in a report from Reuters: Global coronavirus cases exceeded 10 million on Sunday […]

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Hundreds Gather In Taiwan To Unveil Massive Pride Flag At Capitol

Hundreds of people gathered in Taiwan at the capitol to unveil a massive pride flag according to AP News. Hundreds of people thronged a central square in Taiwan’s capital Taipei for a Pride event on Sunday, unfurling a giant rainbow flag in front of the main memorial hall for late autocratic leader Chiang Kai-shek before […]

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