Ukrainian Woman Stabs Her Daughter Twenty Times, Slices Her Head Off, Puts It In A Bag, Then Strips Naked And Goes For A Walk In Public

A horrendous crime happened recently in Ukraine as reported by 7News Australia, where a woman sliced her daughter’s head off and put the severed head in a bag. She then completely disrobed and went for a walk outside with the bagged head. When spotted, she threatened police with a knife.

Police are seeking to understand how a ‘loving mother’ was found naked in a street with her daughter’s severed head in a plastic bag.

Tatiana Pyanova, 38, a cleaner from Ukraine, “would move a mountain” for her only child, Kristina, 13, said a close friend.

Pyanova was detained early this morning in Kharkiv city with a knife in one hand and a plastic bag containing the severed head of her teenage daughter in the other.

Reports say she threatened police with a knife.

The body of her daughter had 20 stab wounds in the macabre lockdown killing, say reports.

A video shows Pyanova naked on a city road as police officials and patrol cars surrounded her. (source)

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