German Researchers Declare That Second And Third Waves Of COVID-19 Are Very Likely

A lot of people think that COVID-19 is over, and while it seems as though there will be a lull during the summer months, be very wary, because there is a strong chance it will come back. This is the sentiment of German researchers, who are saying that a second and third waves of the pandemic as Business Insider reports are practically inevitable at this point.

The world should brace itself for a second and even a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic before the population achieves sufficient immunity to the virus, according to German researchers.

Lothar Wieler, the president of the Robert Koch Institute, a public-health institute in Germany, said on Tuesday that a second wave of infections would come “with great certainty,” adding that most experts shared his view.

“This is a pandemic, and in a pandemic this virus will remain on our list of medical concerns until 60% to 70% of the population have been infected,” he said, according to the Times of London newspaper.

“Therefore we know with great certainty that there will be a second wave. The majority of scientists are sure of this. One also assumes there will be a third wave.”

The head of Sweden’s no-lockdown coronavirus plan said its heavy death toll “came as a surprise.”

But Wieler also said it was “very good news” that Germany, whose government has been praised for its handling of the coronavirus outbreak, had seen new daily infections drop to between 700 and 1,600 a day.

The number of cases in Germany rose above 164,000 on Tuesday, while the death toll rose above 6,800, according to a German Press Agency tally. (source)

No one likes lockdowns. It is not fun. But death is a lot less fun.

Do your part in this mess. Stay at home and stay safe, for the sake of everybody.

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