As Trump Pushes For Country To Reopen, The White House Is Focusing On One Missouri County Where Coronavirus Cases Have Increased By 656% In Just 7 Days

By Theodore Shoebat

While Trump acts very enthusiastic about reopening the country, the White House has its radar on Callahan county in Missouri where coronavirus cases have increased by 656% in just seven days. As we read in a report from News Press Now:

The Coronavirus outbreak in our region is making circles in the West Wing, according to an NBC reporter who obtained an unreleased report from the White House.

According to NBC reporter Jonathan Allen, an unreleased report shows that Buchanan County is on the White Houses’s radar. A graphic from the unreleased report shows the county’s spike in cases, and the percent change. Leavenworth County, which is to the south of Buchana County, is also mentioned in the report.

The graphic shows Buchanan County’s caseload increased by 656% in the last 7 days, which is believed to have been from April 29 to May 6th.

The graphic also shows stable locations, locations with decreasing cases, and locations to watch. Buchanan and Leavenworth counties are listed under “locations with increasing cases.”

According to a graphic in the report, the Kansas City area is listed as a “location to watch” due to rates of new cases increasing by more than 200% over the previous week.