Dr. Anthony Fauci Affirms That The Death Count From Coronavirus Is Higher Than The 80,000+ Number

By Theodore Shoebat

Dr. Anthony Fauci just recently affirmed that the death count from coronavirus is higher than the official 80,000+ number. As we read in a report from the Hill:

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday that the real number of deaths from coronavirus is “almost certainly” even higher than the official death toll of 80,000 because of the likelihood that some deaths went unrecorded.

Fauci told a Senate committee during a virtual hearing that with health systems overwhelmed, it’s very likely a number of deaths were not recorded, meaning total deaths from the coronavirus across the country are likely higher than the already staggering toll of more than 80,000 now counted by Johns Hopkins University.

“Most of us feel that the number of deaths are likely higher than that number because given the situation particularly in New York City, when they were really strapped with a very serious challenge to their health care system, that there may have been people who died at home who were not counted as COVID because they never really got to the hospital,” Fauci said at a Senate Health Committee hearing.