Coronavirus Now Causes Blood Clots That Make Your Legs Go Numb, And Its Hitting Young People

By Theodore Shoebat

Coronavirus now causes blood clots that your legs no longer movable. In a recent report from CNN it reads of how a 38 year old man got this crippling and deadly condition, showing that its not just elderly who are the most vulnerable. The report recounts:

Just 38, he didn’t fit the description of people at high risk of complications from the new coronavirus.

“He had mild pulmonary symptoms that he was just sitting at home with,” said Dr. Sean Wengerter, a vascular surgeon in Pomona, New York. “He had been diagnosed at an urgent care clinic and it was going fine at home. He just had a little cough.”

Until one of Covid-19’s surprising effects kicked in.

“Then he just woke up with both his legs numb and cold and so weak he couldn’t walk,” said Wengerter, who is division chief of vascular surgery at Westchester Medical Center Health’s Good Samaritan Hospital.

This relatively young man had an aortic occlusion — a big blood clot in the body’s main artery, right above where it splits into two parts to run into each leg. Blood was not getting into the iliac arteries and his legs were being starved.

It’s an extremely dangerous development that can kill between 20% and 50% of patients, Wengerter said. “It just doesn’t usually happen in a 38-year-old,” he told CNN.

Quick diagnosis and a surgical procedure to slice open the arteries and scoop out the clot using a catheter saved the patient. “We had two surgeons working simultaneously on him,” Wengerter said.