He Who Cries “Anti-Semitism” Without Addressing Jewish Abuses Of Power Is Bad For The Jews

“Anti-semitism” is a cry used by many Jews- sometimes rightly, and sometimes not rightly. However, in an article on the The Hill, a former congressman asks the question is America in now “safe for Jews” because of “anti-semitism”.

The state of Israel is strong. But for Jews in America, it seems downright ominous. Our country has always had antisemites, but the stigma forced most of them to skulk to the murky corners of society. Now they parade down Main Street with megaphones. The Anti Defamation League announced this week that antisemitic incidents in the United States reached the highest on record last year, with 2,100 acts of assault, vandalism and harassment. That equates to six every single day and a 56 percent increase in physical assaults from 2018.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the group’s chief executive officer, attributes the trend to a “normalization of antisemitic tropes,” the “charged politics of the day,” and social media. The past years have been dangerous, the evidence chilling. Eleven Jews were killed at a shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue in October 2018. Last December, three victims were killed in a shooting at a Jersey City kosher supermarket, and five were stabbed at a Hanukkah party in Monsey in New York.

The president’s supporters will, of course, equivocate. They will point to the fact that he moved the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and produced a peace plan without negotiations that meets with the approval of Israel’s leaders. But what solace is having a president who believes he is protecting the Jewish State of Israel while presiding over the increasingly dangerous state of the Jews in America? (source)

The lack of self-reflection in this article is staggering. Let’s put some perspective on this.

America is home to the largest Jewish population in the world. This is derived by considering that 40% of Jews live in the US, and 40% in Israel. The numbers are almost identical. When one considers those who are Jews by blood but not practice or are Christians, the numbers overtake those of Israel clearly.

Jews in the US are also not poor. To the contrary, major Jewish publications brag about how Jews are not only disproportionately represented among the richest bloc in America, but also control or are disproportionately represented in the arts, entertainment, medicine, law, government, universities, and any area where there is a large concentration of power and wealth. It is true that historically speaking Jews have self-ghettoized, many times in poverty, but the shtetls of the Pale of Settlement are nothing in comparison to Beverly Hills, Malibu, or “poor” areas like Palm Tree, New York where practically everybody is on welfare and practically every house is registered as a synagogue yet practically all the people drive around in nice cars and wear fine clothes.

Tell me, does one take disproportionate control of all of the organs of a country even while so many people supposedly hate Jews because of racial reasons? Absolutely not. Americans do not hate Jews. It was America who opened her doors to millions of Jewish immigrants from the Pale of Settlement and the Mediterranean and still continues to. Millions of Americans openly profess themselves to be “zionists” in the sense of supporting Israel as a religio-political entity, and advocate for giving Israel seemingly endless amounts of money, yet receives little more in exchange from Israel than threats about how she needs more money and for Christians, that God will stop “blessing” America if Christians stop emptying their wallets into the treasury of a foreign government the name of religion.

If anything, the Anglo-American Empire has done more to advance the power and rights of Jews more than any other empire in history. It is not an understatement to say that the twentieth century was a “Jewish century” because the advances and power that Jews made and acquire was like never before in history in terms of mass and rate of acquisition. It is something that many Jews, understandably so, boast of with happiness, as would any people if they were in a similar position, and nobody can blame them for this.

As I have said before, the problem that most people have with Jews is NOT race. It is behavior. It’s the same issue with “racism” in the US between white and black, for while true racism exists among whites against blacks because of race hatred, a lot of the negative views that exist of blacks by whites is because of the behavior of many blacks that is open for all to see such as patterns of murder, armed robbery, rape, and generally anti-social behavior that leads people not to trust them. Similar statements can be made about black observations on whites in terms of cultural behaviors and noted differences.

Something which the Internet has done is not to “enable anti-semitism”, but to allow people to discuss topics freely much easier than before, and I speak here in the positive sense for all things. One of these topics is historical patterns of Jewish criminal behavior, especially in areas such as financial fraud, intellectual fraud, nepotism, drug dealing, arms dealing, human trafficking, pornography, and financial exploitation of whole countries through usury and propaganda. These things are not exclusively “Jewish”, but like with the current representation of Jews in positions of power in American society, the above areas of criminality are often disproportionately represented by a Jewish bloc.

This is what makes people angry at Jews. People talk about how “Hollywood is bad” and “Hollywood is evil”, but who is Hollywood? Who runs it? When Jews openly brag (here, here) about controlling Hollywood, and if rampant immorality is running through it, who else can be blamed except for those who are in charge, Jewish or not?

This is where charges of “anti-semitism” come into play, because while racism exists, too often “anti-semitism” is just a bullying stick to beat people into silence about discussing issues of the abuse of power and people by Jewish blocs in society.

So what does this author mean when he questions if Jews are “safe” in America any more?

Does he mean if Jews are actually safe in terms of they are in a sort of imminent danger for their lives, or does he mean that the social and political narratives used to avoid discussion of Jewish abuses of power are falling apart and people are persisting with asking critical questions about abuse by persons such as Sholom Rubashkin, the Kushner family, the Sackler family, Harvey Weinstein, David Geffen, and many others?

If that is the case, perhaps the question should be reversed, in that is the issue is “America safe for Jews” or rather, are “Jews safe for America”, given all of the power which many openly and consistently admit to having, and how seemingly a disproportionate amount of that power has not been used as a force for social good- something which could have been done -but rather has been used to abuse and destroy the very people who helped them rise to power and who have lauded them for so long and with good intentions?

It is important to seek the good will of all people, of which naturally and obviously must include Jews. In order to do this, it is imperative that people are willing to have open and sometimes difficult conversations about hard topics. Both the “white” and “black” racial blocs in America have, generally speaking, consistently shown a willingness to talk about these issues and to most importantly, engage in extensive self-criticism and to be open to criticism from others.

Instead of asking about if “America is safe for Jews”, it is perhaps overdue that Jewish leaders have critical conversations, engage in extensive self-criticism, and to be completely open to serious discussion- without calling people “anti-semites” -about the dynamics of Jewish power in American society and the influence of Jewish individuals and families in socially destructive behaviors, and to consider resolutions for working with the rest of society for how to apologize, forgive, and build a better tomorrow. Name calling people “anti-semites” without addressing this critical fact is not only dishonest and ignoring reality, but actively detrimental to Jews, for by refusing or attempting to redirect real questions that people have about Jewish behavior, it will further confirm the worst of stereotypes and possibly set up a situation for real persecution of Jews similar to what happened in the old world.

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