Will We Get More Government Bucks Soon?

CBS reports that following the recent round of stimulus from the COVID-19 payments signed by Trump in the biggest payout ever, the Democrats are preparing to vote in the house a bill that will pay $1,200 to every person up to $6,000 for a household.

The House is expected to vote on a massive coronavirus relief bill on Friday, although the $3 trillion legislation is unlikely to gain any traction in the Republican-controlled Senate.

“We are presenting a plan to do what is necessary to address the corona crisis,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at the Capitol when she announced the legislation on Wednesday. She said the bill’s priorities were “opening our economy safely and soon, honoring our heroes, and then putting much needed money in the pockets of Americans.”

The House vote comes as the unemployment rate is rising to levels unseen since the Great Depression, with millions of Americansout of work or furloughed.

The text of the bill, which spans more than 1,800 pages, includes assistance to state and local governments, hazard pay for frontline health care workers, forgiveness of student debt and bolstering Medicaid and Medicare. The bill is known as the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act, or HEROES Act. (source)

Now this bill is not likely to pass, as the Republicans are said to want to block it. However, do NOT rule out the possibility that if not now, in the future it will pass.

Between 22% and 33% of the country is unemployed. These people are unhappy, stressed, and want (in their eyes) more ‘free money’ to survive on. Likewise, a lot of people also like the idea of getting ‘easy money’.

What we are seeing here is the establishment of a pattern that may lead to the creation of a UBI. This is about normalizing patterns of behavior for the future.

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