Father And Son In Ukraine Get Into Political Argument With Police Officer, Stab Him To Death, Dismember Him, Cook The Body And Organs And Feed Them To An Unsuspecting Homeless Man

Russia (and by extension Ukraine due to the historical relationship between the two) has a serious problem with cannibalism. Just as there is an abundance of direct evidence connecting people in Florida (“Florida man”) to odd crimes, when there is an incident that involves a man eating another man, too often it is somewhere in Russia- village man perhaps -that for small reasons will murder and eat somebody, be it friends, neighbors, or random people.

10 News Australia reports on a recent example of such a horrible crime where a father and a son while drunk got into an argument with a police officer over the political situation in Ukraine. However, instead of agreeing to disagree, the father and the son became angry and murdered the policeman. They then proceeded to take the body home, dismember and cook his remains, and feed them to an unsuspecting homeless person.

A father and son from Ukraine have been sentenced to 15 years behind bars for beheading a police officer and cooking his body parts.

Maxim and Yaroslav Kostyukov, 42 and 21, were convicted of killing Yevgeny ‘Zhenya’ Petrov, 45.

It is understood the trio were drinking together when they started arguing about the conflict between Kyiv’s forces and pro-Moscow rebels, according to The Daily Mail.

They then stabbed the policeman to death before reportedly beheading him and cutting out his heart, kidneys, liver, and other internal organs.

Yaroslav said he cooked the meat, which they served to a homeless man.

However, he later changed his statement and claimed he “hardly ate” the human remains which were included in a broth because it made him feel instantly sick.

But prosecutors argued there was clear evidence they cooked and ate the remains of their victim.

The policeman’s body was found dumped by a cellar doorway near an apartment complex in Kharkiv.

According to Prosecutor Oksana Karnaukh, cannibalism is not listed as a crime in the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

“That is why the prosecution cannot include this into the charges in court,” the prosecutor explained.

“We charged them with murder and aggravating circumstances committed by a group of persons, and illegal possession of arms.” (source)

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