Man In Tennessee Gets So Angry With Coronavirus Lockdown That He Takes A Machete And Attacks A Husband And Wife

By Theodore Shoebat

Many people in the United States are so unstable that they cannot handle a lockdown which people in supposed “third world” areas like the West Bank have been able to psychologically manage better. One man in Tennessee went so ballistic that he took a machete and attacked a couple, as we read from the AP:

A Nashville couple were in critical care after a man attacked them with a machete because he was angry about shutdowns that were taking place during the coronavirus pandemic, police said.

Kelvin D. Edwards attacked Kevin Craft, 55, and his wife Leanne Craft, 50, on Sunday afternoon in a Public Storage in the city, the Metro Nashville Police Department said in a statement.

Edwards took the machete from his bin at the storage facility and continued striking the couple even after they were bleeding on the floor, police said. The victims were transported to a hospital after officers who responded to the scene used multiple tourniquets to control their bleeding.

Police said they found Edwards, 35, with his hands raised in surrender on the street outside the facility three minutes after they got a 911 call about the attack.