SSPXers Upset That Even Church Militant Is Exposing The Latent National Socialism In Her Ranks has made clear her differences with the website Church Militant, most of which revolve around the attention given by founder Gary Michael Voris to the sodomite pederast Milo Yiannopoulos, specifically over comments that sixteen was “OK” for lowering the age of consent to, which has noted is a common position of sodomites because of the desire that many have to undermine current standards in order to bring about the legalization of child sexual abuse.

However, it is only fair that one should point out the good things that others do when they do them. Hence why below I have noted that Church Militant has come out with an article that, in their own words, express a position which has pointed out to the anger of many “trad” Catholics, which is that the SSPX has a concerning history of people in her ranks who support National Socialism.

Those who attentively read the Society of Saint Pius X’s (SSPX’s) response to recent reports by Church Militant will, if they keep the full text of those reports in mind, be as struck by its failure to attempt a refutation of certain allegations as Sherlock Holmes was by the dog who didn’t bark in the night, and whose passivity showed that the criminal wasn’t a stranger to him.

In a text of no less than 14 paragraphs and nearly 1,000 words not so much as a single sentence even questions, let alone denies, the information which Church Militant provided on the Nazi sympathies of Fr. Ramon Angles, a leading priest of the SSPX.

To call this omission the most shocking aspect of the SSPX response would not be unreasonable. Flimsy as the response’s defense of SSPX handling of sexual abuse might seem, it at least tried to give the impression that serious efforts are made to combat evil of such gravity.

Failure to address the allegations against Fr. Angles suggests either that those who composed the response knew them to be accurate, that they unthinkingly disregarded the allegations due to a failure to appreciate their seriousness or worse. Those with more extensive knowledge of the SSPX will not, however, find this omission shocking at all.

Father Angles’ relatively little-known sympathy for the Nazis and former SSPX member Bp. Richard Williamson’s notorious denial of the Holocaust is not just the tip of a larger iceberg but almost to be expected in an organization founded by Abp. Marcel Lefebvre.

The WWII-era regimes he favored had been been “pragmatically” and sometimes informally aligned with Hitler, were authoritarian and quasi-fascistic while opposed to domestic Nazi takeovers and significant elements of Nazi ideology, unfavorable to German expansion into most regions but willing to accept it when it occurred, contributing forces to Hitler’s war against Soviet Russia (freeing up German troops for use elsewhere) while refusing to initiate hostilities against the Western Allies.

Simplistically tarring Lefebvre as a “Nazi sympathizer” would be inaccurate. Saying he was willing to turn a blind eye to such sympathies and saw “pragmatic” collaboration with Nazi Germany as legitimate is another matter. Evidence shows such a contention to be a matter of fact rather than of speculation. (source)

This is not to say that all trads or SSPX members are or support National Socialism. Rather, that there is a serious problem with the issue, and that just like how among the rank-and-file of the 1950s through 1970s- the “Novus Ordo” crowd -there was a lot of silence towards the sodomite abuse crisis among the clergy, there is a similar pattern taking place right now in the SSPX with the support of National Socialism and as Church Militant has pointed out before, sodomite clergy.

There is reason to get upset at these things happening. However, the exposure itself as an act is not something to get angry at because while it is very painful, it is an opportunity for healing and a healthy cleaning that such things present. Nobody wants to have to deal with these things, but it is like a car tire popping- would one rather have a tire pop on the side of a highway, or in front of a tire change business?

Obviously, the latter, for while both situations are annoying, the former lets one spend less money and time, and is a lot safer to get one’s tire fixed in than on the road.

This is the same attitude that one must take towards the exposure of things such as this. What Church Militant reported on was not new- has already discussed this, and we were far from the first ones to mention these concerns, as they have been around for years. It is the disturbing rise in National Socialism- something that has been on the front lines of -that brought about these concerns because it is an objective evil that must be called out and so few are discussing it.

There is nothing wrong with calling out the National Socialist connections of the SSPX- it is overdue that this happen because if it does not, then just like the sodomite abuse cancer (not even crisis) in the Church, it will turn into something far worse. The Church will survive- Matthew 16 has already promised this in the words of Our Lord Himself -but the question then is why one would want to subject His Church to more abuse than what She has already gone through, if not now than in the future, because the “chickens always come home to roost” with any problem.

Sodomite abuse is still a problem, but the National Socialist crisis is arguably the “homosexuality” crisis of the Church in the 1950s through the 1970s, and it must be exposed because eventually, just like the crisis of the past, it is going to come out and it is going to cause a problem, and then people will panic when it could have been dealt with years ago. The people involved may have changed, btu the basic political situation has not, and those people who were the Poles under the Third Reich may now be the Arab and Africans under a coming Fourth Reich.

A lot of people say that “IF I WAS ALIVE, I WOULD NEVER BE A NAZI, I WOULD KILL HITLER MYSELF,” yet refuse to see the same National Socialists with different faces and shirts coming back again, and stand with them in praise of the exact same ideals.

Now is your time in history.

Oppose the National Socialism. Stand for what is moral and good. God sees, and while the current wicked generation may not, in time the annals of history will vindicate you.

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