Thousands Of Israelis Attend Concert In Spite Of COVID-19 Concerns

There has been much news about the brazen and arrogant behavior of certain groups of American Jews, mostly among the Hasidic/ultra-orthodox/Chabad type movements, regarding COVID-19, where in spite of state regulations and kind requests from legal authorities that apply to all people to stay apart, they have continued to crowd into small areas. When asked to stop this illegal and unsanitary behavior the jeopardized their health and the health of the rest of society, like a pack of seagulls screeching, they cry out “anti-semitism” and “racist” even though all people of all other races, religions, backgrounds, and ideas are bound to the EXACT same standards. They have manifested hypocrisy at its absolute finest and in the most disgusting ways possible, with no conclusion that can be drawn other than they believe in one standard for themselves, which is whatever they want, while the rest of the world has to obey different laws.

However, this same attitude seems not to be just in the US, but also in Israel, as reports that thousands of Israelis attended a concert in spite of serious concerns about the spread of COVID-19.

At least that’s what the organizers behind the outdoor concert event at Charles Clore Park in Tel Aviv thought when they put together a live music gathering that drew 3,000 people in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The show featured well-known Israeli acts like Aviv Geffen and pop singer Rita. A bunch of tours and festivals have been canceled due to the pandemic (and some experts saying shows won’t happen until 2021_, but that didn’t dissuade anyone here.

Israel has been going through lockdown restrictions since mid-March but has slowly been easing back on the lockdown since late April.

But that still didn’t mean that concerts could go on. But this event was veiled as a “cultural protest,” which is technically allowed according to Israel’s health regulations. Initially organized to show support for crew members who’ve lost their jobs due to canceled shows, the Israeli Police and even Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai showed their support.

“This is the cry of an entire industry that needs answering,” he said onstage. “The responsibility lies first and foremost with the Israeli government and I’m appealing from here — Don’t forget the culture!”

While 3,000 people attended, they had to wear face masks and stay six feet apart from each other, but of course, that wasn’t the easiest to enforce. See the photos from the event below. (source)

Everybody has a responsibility to help each other.

Since there has been a clear association between the Jewish community and the refusal to follow COVID-19 regulations as well as in some cases the spread of the disease, there will be enough people who may blame them for the spread, and with solid reasons.

I say this not for hatred, but as a warning. People say that “Jew hate” is because of “absolutely no reason”, but this is an example of how “hate” begins, because people grow tired of Jewish behavior that is disrespectful, dangerous, or aggravating and with no desire to apologize or make things better again.

This is how hate begins, and this is why I am noting this, because for the sake of the good will of all people, Jew and non-Jew alike, deviant behaviors such as this need to be reported on, exposed, and dealt with NOW before somebody becomes so frustrated that he engenders real hatred and starts killing people, at which point all the cries of “anti-semitism” will be useless because aside from the fact that such hatred was not caused by “anti-semitism” but patterns of anti-social behavior, nobody will be able to help them.

It is imperative the problems are dealt with now before chaos ensues that inevitably hurts all people.

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