Scandal Rocks Russian Orthodox Church As Photos Emerge Of Drunk Bishops Engaged In Sodomy

A recent story from Asia News reports that several Russian Orthodox Bishops have been suspended after photos of them have been released, circulating on social media, of them drunk, naked, and involved in sodomy.

Without even waiting for the verdict of the ecclesiastical tribunal, the patriarch suspended the bishop of Armavir and Labinsk, 47-year-old Ignatij (Buzin), (photo 2), and the bishop of Kostomuksha and Kem 46-year-old Ignatij (Tarasov). The patriarchal decree mentions “communications received, containing documented and reasoned charges” against the two young prelates, who have been “confined” in cities far from their dioceses, under the responsibility of the local metropolitans. In fact, at the beginning of May scandalous images of the conduct of the two bishops began to circulate on social media, with rather embarrassing and particular photographs on the homosexual activity of various priests and lay people together with them.

The scandal divided the faithful, especially those in favor of the accused, who in turn reproach other ecclesiastics for organizing the intrigue for personal reasons and conflicts of power within the Orthodox Church. The accusers speak of alcoholic fueled parties and the manipulation of various characters related to the accused, with all financed by money belonging to the Church. The Patriarch reportedly lost all patience when confronted by the photograph of Bishop Ignatij (Buzin) naked, drunk and in embarrassing poses.

However, many also accuse the patriarch of “abuse of power”, and of having waited for the pandemic crisis to operate a “settlement of accounts” within the hierarchy. Already on 23 March the bishop of Cherepovetsk and Beloozersk, Flavian (Mitrofanov), 44, resigned following a scandal. A police search on his apartment revealed that he had been living with a young Italian. Before that, on 11 March, Metropolitan Ioann (Roscin), 45 years old, was retired after a year in which he went from the Russian diocese of Italy to the European metropolis of Paris, to be downgraded to the metropolis of Vienna, and then finally liquidated without any explanation. (source)

I have made clear that the sodomite abuse scandal in the Catholic Church was not a surprise, but just the beginning of something much larger that would strike at many denominations, including the Orthodox Churches in a major way. Such has been spoken of by many Russian Orthodox themselves, who have said that there is a huge problem with homosexuality among the hierarchy, but the difference with the Catholic Church is that the Catholics have had it discussed and exposed and continually being revealed, while the Orthodox have not only suppressed it just as many bishops and priests in the Catholic hierarchy have, but have attacked and forcibly silenced those fellow clergy who have attempted to expose it.

Sodomite activity no matter what the Church is needs to be exposed so it can be cleaned out. This is the great blessing of the situation in the Church, for by exposing the sodomite behavior, it can be dealt with and healed. It is likewise a testament to the scandalous idea of attempting to hide or ignore such things, because ignoring a problem does not make it go away just like how ignoring a cut does not make it heal.

There is a huge and intentionally suppressed scandal right now in the Orthodox Church. Actually, it is two- first is the second Great Schism taking place right now between Russia and the rest of the Orthodox world over Ukraine, and the second is the sodomite scandal, which involves Russia but also the other Orthodox nations.

The consequences of both will be long-term and have major political and social ramifications. However, it is necessary that especially in the case of the latter, that the sodomite activity is exposed. It is not an act of mercy to hide them, but an act of mercy to expose it so that while not only can justice be made, but true mercy can be given to the victims.

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