Biden Makes His First Public Appearance In Two Months

When presidents are serious about campaigning to win, their faces and physical presence is everywhere. But not Joe Biden, for the former vice president and practical gaffe machine has been away from public presence, but the AP News reports that he made his first in-person appearance in two months.

Joe Biden made his first in-person appearance in more than two months on Monday as he marked Memorial Day by laying a wreath at a veterans park near his Delaware home.

Since abruptly canceling a March 10 rally in Cleveland at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has waged much of his campaign from his home in Wilmington. When Biden emerged on Monday, he wore a face mask, in contrast to President Donald Trump, who has refused to cover his face in public as health officials suggest. (source)

The fact that Biden has been practically in seclusion for so long is just more proof that he is not going to win.

People want to see candidates. Candidates need to be in public. Video works but there is never any way to compare this to a man being with another man. The feel is and of course always will be different.

Biden is not in public. Nobody knows where he is or what he is doing, and given the nature of his statements there are many who would probably not want the answers. But the fact that he is not meeting with his base, spending time with them, or interacting with them indicates that he is most likely not going to win. If he cannot be in the presence of those who are dedicated to him, how can he expect to win the votes of those who are unsure of who to give their vote to?

But it does not really matter, for as I have noted, the pattern seems to be that Biden is being set up to lose while Trump is being set up to win.

For the average man, one should not care about any candidate. There are far more things that one should be concerned about, especially with the current bout of COVID-19 spreading and the threats of another round of infections come the fall, and this is not even to mention the extensive economic damage which this illness has caused.

Elect to make good decisions, and save the election for those who would rather act like grasshoppers instead of ants.

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