Portuguese Cargo Ship Rescues African Migrants At Sea, But Returns Them To Libya

Interest in migrants since the crisis of 2015 and 2016 has faded out but it gaining interest again with waves of refugees displaced by war and violence, much of it caused by western powers, from the Middle East and Africa heading towards the lands of Europe. However, in an interesting piece of news, a Portuguese cargo ship rescued a bunch of African migrants at sea, but then returned them to Libya according to Noticias ao Minuto.

A cargo ship with the Portuguese flag on Monday rescued about 100 migrants who had left Libya, but returned these people to that country’s Coast Guard, violating international law on the rescue of refugees at sea.

The news is advanced by the weekly Expresso, which reports that the information was confirmed by the Portuguese ministries of the Sea and Foreign Affairs.

The publication explains that Libya is considered an unsafe territory by the International Law for the Rescue of Refugees at Sea and, for that reason, migrants rescued by the Portuguese vessel should not have been handed over to the Libyan Coast Guard.

The Ministry of the Sea, under the supervision of Ricardo Serrão Santos, quoted by Expresso, underlined that the ship “Anne” saved “people from precarious vessels”, as explained in the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). ).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by Augusto Santos Silva, told the weekly that it is “trying to collect all available information” on the subject, considering that the resentment of people to places that are not safe “is a fundamental principle of law International”.

The Lusa agency tried unsuccessfully to contact both ministries to find out more about this situation.

The publication explains that learned of the rescue through a voluntary non-governmental organization ( NGO ) to support people crossing the Mediterr â neo Alarm Phone.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees stresses that Libya is not a safe country to accommodate people rescued by boats.

This United Nations body recommends that all countries “suspend all forced returns of citizens or residents of Libya, including those whose application for asylum was rejected”.

The weekly adds that the NGO Alarm Phone tried to contact the authorities in Malta, Italy and Libya and that the commander responsible for Libyan rescue teams instructed “Anne” to disembark in that country, information that the Ministry of the Sea has denied.

“The ship did not comply with any request from the Libyan authorities , but, rather, meticulously complied with the guidelines received by the local body responsible for coordinating search and rescue, that is, the Coordination Center for Maritime Rescues [ MRCC , in the English acronym] of Malta to rescue a group of people who were very close to the ship, as a result of an alarm received in that MRCC “, explained the guardianship, in response to the Express. (source)

It is true that this is a technical violation of the law, and it is difficult to doubt that there are likely nationalistic motives at play in this. However, I will say that what the ship did was a good thing, and likely not for the reason that many expect.

I have said many times and I will say again that MIGRANTS TO EUROPE NEED TO GO BACK (emphasis mine) not because of a hatred of other people, but out of care for their own safety.

Shoebat.com has consistently exposed since 2016 how the migration crisis is not only being forced by the American and European governments, but is not facilitating an “invasion”, but rather taking part in what could be called the largest human smuggling operation in history. This is meant to bring millions of people into Europe and to set up social conditions to prevent their integration and encourage the worst human impulses, and in doing so to say “look at what these bad people do, this is why we need nationalism”, and to use that to spark militarism and eventually a war in which the migrants will be sacrificed as expendable pawns for Europe to revive herself as a serious player in world affairs.

This is a giant eugenics experiment. Millions of people are being brought in with the intention of essentially leading them to their deaths in the name of nationalism and paganism.

Do you love migrants? Do you want their good will? Then send them back to Africa, the Middle East, or the parts of Asia where they came from lest they find themselves being forced down the barrel of a political cannon as tinder and then fired at other nations as a weapon, and upon landing are not given refuge, but are murdered and abused in heinous ways just as Poland was in the Second World War.

The Poles of last century are what the Syrians and Africans are today. They are going to be used and slaughtered.

People love so often to say “never again”, but the conditions that caused the slaughter that resulted in promises of “never again” are happening again, except this time instead of a white man with light brown hair is is to men with olive or dark brown skin and short or kinky black hair.

God loves all men. We need to seek the good of all.

Please help save migrants from slaughter.

Send them to a place where they will NOT be used as cannon fodder for the eugenicists of our time.

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