There Are Many Questions About The Minneapolis Riots And Not Enough Answers

There is a lot of attention being paid to the rioting taking place in Minneapolis and other major American cities.

I have been watching this as well, and as I pointed out yesterday, there is enough evidence to garner a reasonable suspicion that these riots, while in some cases natural, are being fomented by police and government.

Ask yourself, why is this violence happening? Certainly the death of George Floyd is unfortunate.

However, one cannot help but wonder why, in this particular election year at a time where COVID-19 is also spreading, is this incident getting so much attention outside of the due justice it merits.

Does his death really merit rioting? Murders (there are allegations of people being murdered over this)? Street violence?

Likewise, why does it seem there are constant messages from people suggesting that the police and fire departments are being told to stand down by their superiors? This is outside of the evidence I noted in my article from yesterday.

Why does it seem that the public is being forced to watch as the “authorities” do nothing?

Likewise, consider that a public eruption of anger such as this could have happened at any time. Consider the case of Trayvon Martin- regardless of what one thinks of him or not, there were protests, and the same level of violence could have been reached. However, Police refused to allow this to happen.

Yet what does it appear is happening here? That instead of stopping the protests, there may be provocation by police of the protesters so to encourage the worst behavior possible, as well as engendering future thoughts about engaging in similar conduct?

Could it be that the police let this happen on purpose?

Is it not interesting that there are videos being made of people in the protests alleging that pallets of bricks are appearing not anywhere near construction sites, but right in the middle of protests, as though they were put there for people to throw?

The questions continue to rise, and with no answers to be found.

Likewise, notice the relative and curious silence of President Trump. For all the talk of him being able to “take charge”, what has he fundamentally done to remedy the situation other than making strongly-worded statements?

He has done effectively nothing. Even as the riots were taking place, where was the tweeting from his account? Where was his “leadership”? Indeed, it seemed as though he had more to say about conflict with China than dealing with the domestic situation of the riots, even as protests are practically taking place right outside of the White House?

Ask yourself, what would the end goal of all this be?

Are we seeing the progressive establishment of police militarization in that in the name of preserving “public security” from riots such as this, this incident could be used as justification to continue what began in 2001, with the unleashing in full force of a police presence that is ever-more militarized and ever-present on American streets?

Likewise, how will these actions have an impact on future protests? Could this incident be used as a pretext to shut down any protest-regardless of what the situation or issue may be -and to bring immediate police clampdown with full violence and even a sort of imposed isolation on the public in the name of security?

I do not know. I do not have answers and I do not pretend to have them. I can only evaluate what information I have that can be confirmed and attempt to see how patterns of previous behavior relate to contemporary actions.

The impacts of these protests and the response, or lack of response from the government is something to watch. Conclusions cannot be drawn right now, but what can be said is that there seems to be something else going on that is far greater than just the protests.

George Floyd was said to have been a peaceful man who loved Minneapolis and would have hated to see the city burn. If this is true, then it would be even more unfortunate to see his death used as a pretext for strange national manipulation in order to leverage more control over people at a time when peace and the ability to agree to disagree in a civil manner is less common yet more in dire need than ever before.

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