Many Afghans Who Helped NATO Fight The Taliban Have Already Been Tortured And Beheaded

The absolute hell that is Afghanistan is quickly showing its grim reality. An Afghan interpreter who helped the British military as an interpreter (and who just resettled in the UK as a refugee) has reported that many interpreters who helped NATO against the Taliban have been tortured and beheaded. As we read in the BBC:

An Afghan refugee who feared he would be tortured and beheaded by the Taliban said he feels “relief” at being resettled in Glasgow with his family.

The 38-year-old worked as an interpreter for the British Army in a northern province of Afghanistan.

Speaking anonymously, the refugee claims his job made him a target for persecution by insurgents.

Along with his wife and three-year-old daughter, he arrived in Scotland this summer under a UK resettlement scheme.

He said: “If I continued to stay in Afghanistan, I would be tortured by the Taliban and then killed by them. They perceived interpreters are traitors.

“There were many incidents with other Afghan interpreters. They were tortured, killed and beheaded to give a clear message to others to stop helping international forces.”

The rise of the Taliban marks a major trend and phenomena in the world: the growth of American isolationism and the international rise of Islamism. The horrid situation in Afghanistan is going to be capitalized upon by outside forces. Expect Turkey to take advantage of the chaos for its own power.