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Former cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, a child molester who just got criminally prosecuted

Major Catholic Leader Molests Boy While Saying His Prayers. Now He Just Got Criminally Prosecuted By The US Government

A former major leader in the Catholic Church, Theodore McCarrick, molested a boy while saying prayers. Now he just got criminally prosecuted, as we read in Reuters:  Former Roman Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has been charged with molesting a 16-year-old boy during a 1974 wedding reception, becoming the highest-ranking U.S. Catholic official to be criminally […]

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The Origin Of Ashura: Pre-Islamic Iran

Every year, Shiite Muslims ritually lacerate their flesh with blades in honor of Ali and his two sons, Hassan and Hussein. Many people believe that this ritually has its roots in Islam. But the reality is that its rooted in pre-Islamic Iran:   CORRECTION: I said that the Buyids were descendants from Iranians in Central […]

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Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm (left) is warning about another outbreak

Major Virus Expert Sends Out This Warning To All Americans: ‘Covid Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon. Get Ready For Another Outbreak.’

By Theodore Shoebat One of America’s most prominent and reputable epidemiologist, Dr. Michael Osterholm, just warned Americans that covid is not going anywhere and that we should prepare for another outbreak. As we read in his statement: “We are right now in a reality check with this virus … And what I mean by that […]

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health pass

The Government Of France Declares That Citizens Need A Vaccine Certificate To Enter Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Theaters And Most Public Places, And To Go On Long Distance Train And Bus Rides

By Theodore Shoebat The government of France just decreed that citizens must have a vaccine certificate to access shopping centers, restaurants, theaters and most public places. The law also decrees that the certificate will be needed to go on long distance train and bus rides. Al-Jazeera put put a video on this:   As we […]

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Officer at the crime scene in Tarascon where the murder and cannibalism took place

Man Who Was Known To Set Fires Gets Released From Psychiatric Ward, He Then Beheads Young Boy And Cannibalizes Him, Police Officers Arrive And Shoot The Cannibal To Death

By Theodore Shoebat A man in France who is only being identified as “Arthur A.”, beheaded a young boy and cannibalized him. This demonic cannibal was eventually shot and killed by police officers. As we read in Reduno: The mother of a 13-year-old schoolboy who was killed by a satanic and cannibal screamed disconsolate upon […]

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French Protestors Storm Town Hall Building, Take A Portrait Of Emmanuel Macron, Step On It And Then Toss It Out The Window To The Cries Of “Freedom!”

For years we have been warning about the Euro Spring. While the world looked with shock and horror at the violent revolutions of the Arab Spring, little to no one was warning about the rise of the Euro Spring. Well now, we are witnessing it. It takes a lot more to anger Europeans than it […]

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Expect Mask Mandates To Come Back By The Fall Season, And Expect Covid Restrictions To Be On And Off For The Next Two To Three Years

There have been some interesting reports on what to expect concerning the Delta Variant of covid: expect mask mandates to return by the fall season, and expect covid restrictions to return and go on and off for the next four years. As we read in MSNBC: The country, which just celebrated the Fourth of July […]

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Delta Covid Cases Blowing Up In Louisiana

Delta covid cases are increasing in Louisiana, as is evidenced by what has been occurring in the West Jefferson Medical Center. As we read in on WDSU: West Jefferson Medical Center has reopened its COVID-19 drive-through testing site. The site will operate Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Hospital staff told WDSU that cars […]

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france gay wedding

The Protestant Church Of France Just Did Its First Gay Wedding

By Theodore Shoebat The Protestant church of France just did its first sodomite wedding. It is being declared as a moment of progress, but it only indicates the decay of the nation. According to a report from Le Monde: It is 10:30 am in Montpellier and a line forms on the forecourt of the Protestant […]

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The Government Of France Wants To Make A Vaccine Certificate Mandatory To Enter Public Places. Tens Of Thousands Of People Take To The Streets To Protest Against This And Declare It Tyranny

The anti-establishment (and anti-Macron) movement of the Yellow Vests, of which we wrote on in 2018, did not die with the coronavirus lockdown. Rather, went temporarily under the radar, and only intensified. Now this very atmosphere of rage is re-manifesting itself against the government’s policy have making a covid vaccine certificate mandatory in order to […]

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Photo from the mass execution

Taliban Terrorists Round Up Twenty-Two Afghan Soldiers And Slaughter All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat The horror in Afghanistan continues as this latest story was just recently reported. Taliban murderers slaughtered twenty-two Afghan soldiers. This very depressing story was reported by the Daily Beast: A shocking video shows Taliban fighters brutally executing 22 unarmed Afghan commandos as they held their hands up in surrender. CNN reports that […]

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women taliban

The Taliban Takes Over Huge Amounts Of Territory In Afghanistan And Orders That Each Family Give One Daughter Away To Be Married To A Taliban Fighter

The Taliban has taken over huge swathes of territory and under their rule is (of course) horror, as the jihadist gang has ordered families to give away one daughter each to a Taliban fighter, as we read in Outlook Afghanistan: In some parts of Bulkh province, the women were whipped because of not wearing chadors. […]

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james carville

Major Democrat Strategist Complains That Democrats Are Putting Transgenderism Above Helping The American People

By Theodore Shoebat Major Democrat strategist, James Carville, just recently complained that Democrats are putting the transgender identity agenda above actually helping people, as we read in Fox News: Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville is once again criticizing his own party for putting wokeness over its constituents. The “Ragin’ Cajun” blamed what he called “noisy” Democrats for the party’s […]

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