Taliban Thugs Go To Woman’s House And Order Her To Cook For Fifteen Taliban Fighters. She Refuses And They Beat Her To Death

Taliban thug went to a woman’s home and demanded that she cook for 15 of their fighters, and when she refused they beat her to death, as we read in CNN:

Najia was at home with her three young sons and daughter in a small village in northern Afghanistan when Taliban fighters knocked on their door.

Najia’s daughter Manizha, 25, knew they were coming — her mother had told her they’d done the same thing the previous three days, demanding that she cook food for up to 15 fighters.
“My mother told them, ‘I am poor, how can I cook for you?'” said Manizha. “(The Taliban) started beating her. My mother collapsed, and they hit her with their guns — AK47s.”
Manizha said she yelled at the fighters to stop. They paused for a moment before throwing a grenade into the next room and fleeing as the flames spread, she said. The mother of four died from the beating.