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jap soldiers

The Chinese Threat Is Is Being Overhyped And Used To Justify The Enabling Of Japanese Military

By Theodore Shoebat The US had a war with Japan and won, but today we are seeing a complete reversal of the initial policy set by the victor for the land of the rising sun. Japan was not suppose to have an army, but this has been reversing for years, as if the status quo […]

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Adnan Tanriverdi

Turkey’s Paramilitary Organization Thats Wants To Exterminate Christians

By Walid and Theodore Shoebat Fascist governments will always have their paramilitaries, to do the bloodiest killings in the midst of conflicts. The Ottomans used Kurdish tribesmen to butcher the Armenians, the Third Reich had the SS to conduct the massacres of the Germans. Today, the Islamo-nationalist AK Party of Erdogan has its own paramilitary, […]

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