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The Munich Security Conference And The European Revolt Against American Empire

  By the Shoebats There is a very prestigious assembly that convenes every year in Munich, Germany, called the Munich Security Conference. Its emphasis is on international security, but its special focus is on Europe. What is fascinating about the Munich Security Conference is how its board of directors has numerous Germans who believe in […]

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nation of trash

The Fact That So Many Americans Hate Rittenhouse And Sympathize With Those He Shot Reveals One Thing: America Is Becoming A Nation Of Trash

By Theodore Shoebat Last night I did a video on how the fact that so many Americans sympathize with Joseph Rosenbaum, the child molester who Rittenhouse shot, tells us how the US is becoming a nation of trash:

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Protestors outside the courthouse in Kenosha where the verdict was made

Now That Rittenhouse Has Been Found Innocent, People Are Getting Ready For Left-wing Riots

By Theodore Shoebat Rittenhouse was just found innocent, on all counts. Justice has been served. The mob lost this time. But, the mob does not stop for its anger is ever lingering in the atmosphere of rage. It is for the reason of this reality that the National Guard has been standing ready for Left-wing […]

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rittenhouse verdict

Kyle Rittenhouse Found NOT GUILTY On ALL COUNTS. The Mob Lost And Justice Has Prevailed

Kyle Rittenhouse has been found not guilty on all counts, as many of us expected. This is great because the mob did not get what it wanted. Lets hope that riots don’t break out again (but I expect they will). According to Fox News: Count 1: First Degree Reckless Homicide – Not Guilty Count 2: […]

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