Archive | March 23, 2022

russian soldiers

Russian Soldiers Kill Major Leader Of The Azov Neo-Nazi Battalion In Ukraine

Russian soldiers killed a leader of Azov, according to URA: The Russian armed forces liquidated one of the leaders of the neo-Nazi battalion “Azov” (recognized as an extremist organization and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation) Artem Murakhovsky. This is reported by the Ukrainian media. According to Ukrainian media, Artem Murakhovsky was recently liquidated […]

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Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Murder Mother And Father, Take The Children And Pretend To Be Their Parents To Escape Russian Forces

According to Russian reports, fighters for the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion murdered a mother and father, kidnapped their children and tried to escape Russian troops in Mariupol under the guise of being their parents. As we read in Komsomolskaya Pravda: In Mariupol, Ukrainian neo-Nazis, among whom, as you know, there are a lot of criminals and […]

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