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Russia Makes New Law: Any Movies Showing Homosexuality Will Not Be Allowed

The Russian government has made a new law prohibiting any films showing homosexuality. As we read in Kommersant: The government approved amendments to the “Rules for issuing, refusing to issue and revoking film distribution certificates”. The change was made in subparagraph “c” of clause 18, which lists the reasons why a rental certificate is not […]

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America Accuses Chinese Pilot Of Getting Dangerously Close to An American Spy Plane. But When You Watch The Actual Video, It Is Clear That Nothing Special Has Happened

An Americans has recently accused a Chinese pilot of getting dangerously close to an American spy plane. But when you watch the video, its clear that nothing really serious or special is happening: / If a Chinese spy plane was nearing the US, you don’t think the US air force would send at least one […]

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Ukrainians Take Russian Soldier, Gouge Out His Eyes, Scalp Him, Cut His Nose And Ears Off

Ukrainian soldiers cut the nose off and gouged out the eyes of a Russian soldier, as we read in News Front: The body of Vitaly B., a Donetsk mobiliser who had served only three months in defence of the city, was handed over in a disfigured state – quartered, scalped, with his nose and ears […]

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Serbian Government Sends Army Chief To Kosovo Border And Orders Serbia’s Military To Be On The Highest Level Of Alert

The government of Serbia sent its Army Chief, General Milan Mojsilovi, to the Kosovo border and order Serbia’s military to be on the highest level of alert. As we read in France 24: Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic dispatched the army chief on Sunday night to the border with Kosovo, General Milan Mojsilovic himself announced, as […]

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Chinese Military Sends Seventy One Warplanes To Fly Around Taiwan And Declares: “Taiwan Is An Inalienable Part Of China”

China has sent dozens of warplanes around Taiwan. A naval officer onboard a warship declared in a radio broadcast: “Taiwan is an inalienable part of China, and our operation aims to safeguard peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits. We will take any necessary countermeasure”. As we read in the Global Times: After announcing the […]

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Ukraine Says That It Aims To Have Peace Talks With Russia By The End Of February

The Ukrainian government is now stating that it aims to have peace talks by the end of February, as we read in the Express: Ukraine’s foreign minister has said his government is aiming to have a peace summit by the end of February to discuss putting an end to the war. Dmytro Kuleba, while suggesting […]

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President Of Azerbaijan Declares: ‘Armenia Belongs To Us.’

The president of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, has claimed Armenia for his country, as we read in OC Media: Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has appeared to lay claim to modern-day Armenia while also attacking critics in the West for supporting Armenia. ‘Western Azerbaijan [Armenia] is our historical land, this is confirmed by many historical documents, historical […]

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The Government Of China No Longer Makes Quarantine Rule Obligatory For Travelers, As China Now Has A Million Infections And Five Thousand Covid Deaths A Day

The Chinese government has removed the obligatory quarantine rule for travelers. China’s National Health Commission released a statement: “new coronavirus infection will no longer be included Quarantine infectious disease management stipulated in the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of the People’s Republic of China.” Reuters reports: China will stop requiring inbound travellers to go into […]

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Putin Declares That Ukrainians Living Under Russian Control Can Now Apply For Russian Citizenship

Russia’s President Putin has now approved that Ukrainians living under Russian control can apply for Russian citizenship. This only applies to Ukrainians living in the People’s Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson, all of which Russia has declared as part of the Russian Federation. As we read in Kommersant: Russian President Vladimir Putin […]

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North Korea Warns: Japan Wants To Attack Us

North Korea has warned that Japan wants to attack it, which is a reversal of the common narrative that says that North Korea wants to hit Japan. As we read in AP: North Korea threatened Tuesday to take a “resolute and decisive military step” against Japan while it slammed Tokyo’s adoption of a national security […]

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Investigators Conclude: ‘There Is No Evidence That Russia Bombed Nord Stream Pipeline. It Makes No Sense For Russia To Bomb The Pipeline.’

Investigators have affirmed that there is no evidence that Russia had anything to do with the bombing of Nord Stream 2 and that it doesn’t make any sense that Russia would bomb it. As we read in the Express: Russia may not be to blame for the Nord Stream pipeline explosions, European officials have acknowledged, […]

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Israel Bombs Hezbollah Facilities Near Damascus

Israel hit Damascus with airstrikes, killing two Syrian soldiers, as we read in Haaretz: Syrian officials said that air defense systems in Damascus were used in the early hours of Tuesday morning, following an alleged Israeli missile attack. According to opposition forces in Syria, two soldiers were killed in the attack, which they said targeted […]

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Ukrainians Take Russian Soldiers, Tie Them To Fences And Pluck Their Eyes Out While They Are Still Alive

Ukrainian soldiers took members of Russia’s Special Rapid Response Unit (SOBR), tied them onto fences and plucked out their eyes as they were still alive. This information comes from Dejan Beric, a Serbian sniper who has been fighting on the side of Russia in the war in Ukraine. We interviewed Beric when he told us […]

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Ukrainian Soldiers Desire To Shoot Man Because He Does Not Speak Ukrainian. Russian Troops Shoot At The Ukrainian Soldiers And They Run Away

Ukrainian soldiers were about to shoot a man because he did not know how to speak Ukrainian. The only reason why the man survived was because the Russians shot at the Ukrainians who then ran away. As we reads in RT: “I almost got shot because I don’t know the Ukrainian language. The only thing […]

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Hell In Ukraine — The Serbian Sniper’s Fight Against Ukraine’s Nazis recently interviewed Dejan Beric, a Serbian sniper who has been fighting in Ukraine since 2014. He has been fighting against the nazis of Ukraine, and in this fight he has seen the horrors that they commit. We made a documentary out of our conversation Beric. The video is age-restricted so just click on “watch […]

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Video Shows Ukrainian Solider Executing Two Civilians In Bakhmut

A video recently came out showing a Ukrainian soldier executing two people: According to Rusvesna: Ukrainian militants shot civilians in the Artemovsk region, accusing them of sympathy for Russia. The footage appeared on the Web thanks to one of the citizens who managed to evacuate from the city. People were shot right on the backyard […]

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