Ukrainian Soldiers Take Russian Soldier And Torture Him With A Blowtorch

A recent report from Russia talks about Ukrainian soldiers tortured a captured Russian soldier with a blowtorch, as we read in

A soldier of the DPR units said that Ukrainian nationalists tortured his comrade in captivity with a blowtorch. The history of the republican military is reported by RIA Novosti.

“Our fighter was captured, it turns out, from the 1st battalion – Yura “Odessa”, he was tortured with a blowtorch. He was captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the DPR soldier said.

He stressed that the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ideological opponents, and they are not particularly concerned about money.

“This is a serious opponent, this is an ideological opponent, first of all. That is, he is not interested in money or anything like that – he goes for the idea of ​​​​fighting, ”the fighter said.