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The Cold War’s Support For Nazis

During the Cold War, NATO collaborated with and backed far-Right paramilitaries and propagandists. The Ukrainian nationalist Mykola Lebed (who was the mastermind behind the horrific Wolynia Massacre) would be embraced by the CIA and used as a Cold War anti-Soviet propaganda. In this video I talk about the Cold War’s backing of these Nazis:

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Ukraine’s Jewish President Praises Nazi Mass Murderers

Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s Jewish president, gave a hero’s award to a Ukrainian Nazi mass murderer named Volodymyr Zelensky: According to Kresy: On Friday, October 14, Ukraine celebrated the Day of the Defender of Ukraine, established on the alleged date of the creation of the so-called Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). On this occasion, President Volodymyr Zelensky […]

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Keith Raniere, cult leader

The Horrors Of Sycophancy And Extreme Devotion

By Theodore Shoebat Thank you, Incredulity, for dissipating Favoritism, for overthrowing Sycophancy who reigns as king in the throne of collective consciousness. It is under the reign of Sycophancy where boundaries are broken, where intuition is fettered by societal pressure, where evils are pushed while being seen as “tests.” A great example of sycophancy and […]

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Videos Show Massacre Committed In Now Ukrainian-occupied Town

Two clips have come up today showing a massacre and its aftermath in the town of Kupyansk. In one clip, just seven seconds long, one can see a corpse tumbling down a hill and landing into a ditch where three other bodies lay: In another clip, only two seconds long, one can see bodies in […]

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