Ukraine’s War On The Orthodox Church

Orthodox woman prays while holding a cross as Ukrainian nationalists mock her

The Ukrainian government continues to persecute the Orthodox monastery of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, one of the most acclaimed monasteries in all of Orthodox Christianity. Kiev wants to evict the monks, but the these monastics are not acquiescing to the demands of a government beholden to the Sodom advancing entity of NATO. Rodion Miroshnik, former ambassador of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) to Moscow, explained:

It would have suited [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky best if the expulsion of Orthodox Christians from churches had gone quietly, without any protests, without showing the entire world that the dictator went far further than many other vile despots. Brandishing a club, he went against the traditional religious denomination, against the 1,000-year history of Eastern Orthodoxy in Rus. Now it is the moment of truth for the Ukrainians: whether they are ready to stand up to defend their values or agree to crawl on their knees

He added that “Zelensky thinks that if he backs down on the Lavra, it will be perceived as his weakness, so he will resort to any tactics, including dispersals and arrests, as well as jailing, hunting and assassinating leaders”. On March 30th, 2023, a commission of the Ukrainian Culture Ministry came to the Lavra, supposedly for an inspection, but the clergy led by Metropolitan Pavel refused to let them in. The next day, the monks continued to impede their entry. Scuffles took place at the walls of the monastery and there even reports about a possible attack on the monastery. You can see some of the scuffling here:

A clergyman poured holy water on a pagan nationalist who tried to hit him with a stick. There is video of it and you can understand some of it by changing to CC to English:

A group of nationalists gathered together to demand that the Lavra be shutdown. One of them declared:

“Put the metropolitan on his knees and shoot him in the head… The Lavra must be burned. We are pagans”

Christians, as a response to the government and the antichrist activists, have been singing in front of the monastery:


Mykhailo Podolyak,  the adviser to Zelensky, stated that he regrets not being able to kill the pro-Russian Ukrainians:

Abbot of the monastery, Metropolitan Pavel, was placed under house arrest, and without a court decision. His building in the monastery is cordoned off by the police, and searches are being carried out there. Groups of believers  who have arrived to defend to the territory of the Lavra are being blocked by law enforcement officers. But, the brethren and parishioners declare that they will defend the monastery to the end, in spite of everything. Moreover, Metropolitan Pavel was handed a summons for interrogation at the SBU, after which the issue of choosing a measure of restraint will be determined, the press service of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church reports.

“I didn’t curse anyone. But I said the words of the Gospel that our tears will not fall to the ground, but will fall on the heads of those who caused these riots,” said the leader of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in his video message. He also called the actions of the Ukrainian government persecution of the church. According to the Metropolitan, provocateurs and satanists have been gathering outside of the monastery to express their hated to the Orthodox:

In the meantime, provocateurs are again gathering near the walls of the Lavra, who arrange brawls, among them are Satanists. Satanic symbols on clothes, satanic signs. Everything you need to know about who is fighting Orthodox Christians in Ukraine today. One of these unfortunate activists has on his sweatshirt: “Do you have a moment to talk about lord and savior satan”, which can be translated as: “Do you have a minute to talk about the Lord and savior Satan”

Of course the neo-pagan nazis showed up. Here you can see the neo-pagan and nazi black sun tattoo:

It must be pointed out that most of the provocateurs are teenagers who arrived at the monastery with the flags of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) the organization of Ukrainian national hero, Stepan Bandera, which slaughtered tens of thousands of ethnic Poles. In this video, at 1:18, you can notice the black and red OUN flag on the jacket of a protestor who is against the monastery:


If the Orthodox Christians are left without the security of Russia, the nazi pagans will slaughter them just as they did to the Poles during the Second World War.