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Ukraine Plans To Raise Up A Quarter Of A Million Troops And Wants To Use NATO Weapons To Bomb Russia

As Ukraine plans on raising an army of a quarter of a million soldiers, it also wants to use NATO weapons to bomb Russia, as we read in al-Jazeera: It plans to raise a quarter of a million new troops this year, but training and equipping them will take time. A senior NATO official told […]

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The Government Of Russia Declares: ‘Russia’s War In Ukraine Is Not Going To End. Even After Ukraine Accepts Defeat, NATO Will Bring Ukrainian Fanatics To Power And Russia Will Crush The Ukrainian Viper.’

Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Counncil, Dmitry Medvedev, has stated that even after Ukraine accepts defeat, Western countries will prop up the fanatics of Ukraine and that Russia will crush “the viper” (referring to Ukraine). As we read in BBC: Medvedev said a week earlier that “even this will not be the end of Russia’s […]

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The Ukrainian Government Is In Such Shambles That Its Parliament Has Become Useless And Zelensky Is Now Having To Work With Pro-Russian Politicians

Ukraine’s war is so fragmented, that it has become an empty shell of its former self, and this is the case even with all of the tens of billions of dollars that have been flowing into Ukraine. Zelensky’s party, Servant of the People, is in such a desperate state that it has been having work […]

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BREAKING EPIC MOMENT_ RNC Goes Wild When Trump Arrives As Lee Greenwood Sings 'God Bless The USA' 2-38 screenshot

Republican Politicians, Including Donald Trump, Are Lowering Their Tones To Prevent Violent Escalation In The United States

Republican politicians, Donald Trump included, have been lowering down their tone and tempering their rhetoric to prevent violent escalation within the United States. Trump even spoke of having a speech ready but then throwing it out because it was too “tough” and that he wanted to work to better unite the country. All of this […]

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Newly Published Article By Haaretz Reveals: As Jews Were Being Slaughtered And Burned Alive, They Were Asking, “Where The Hell Is The IDF?”

As time goes on, more light is being shed on the dark realities of the October 7th massacre. In a recent article from Haaretz it talks about the strangely slow response time from the IDF to the massacre, and the fact that dozens of soldiers stood outside a kibbutz while fighting and carnage went on. […]

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Islamist Woman Assists In The Extermination Of Ten Thousand People. She Just Got Sentenced To Death For Her Crimes

An Islamist woman, Asma Mohammed (who was the wife of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi), assisted in the genocide of the Yazidi people in Iraq (in which ISIS murdered 10,000 Yazidis). Now she has been sentenced to death by the Iraqi government for her crimes, as we read in the New York Times: A court […]

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Its Official: Israel Will Start Drafting Ultra-Orthodox Jews Into The Military. This Will Pave The Way Towards The Formation Of The Jewish ISIS

After decades of heated arguments between Israelis over getting the ultra-orthodox to be drafted into the military, the Israeli government has stated that it will begin drafting them next month, as we read in the New York Times: Israel’s defense minister, Yoav Gallant, approved a plan on Tuesday to start drafting ultra-Orthodox Jewish men into the […]

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The Future War Between Turkey And Cyprus

The Turkish Cypriots have begun construction of a road that they want to go through the UN controlled buffer zone that divides Turks and Greeks. The UN has objected to this, arguing that it will destabilize the fragile peace that has been maintained for decades. Turkish Cypriot forces attacked UN peacekeepers, seriously injuring three peacekeepers. […]

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