masada generation

Brace Yourselves For The Masada Generation In Israel

“Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.” (Matthew 7:6) “But Jesus remained silent and gave no answer.” (Mark 14:61) There is a constant urge to speak; this urge resides within us, pushing us to utter what complaints […]

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Jewish extremists attack journalist Saif Qawasmeh

The Head Of Security For The Temple Mount Urges All Jews To Storm The Al-Aqsa Mosque And Declares: “Jerusalem Is Ours.” Thousands Of Jewish Nationalists Fill The Streets Of Jerusalem, Cry Out To The Palestinians: “Death To Arabs!” And “We Will Burn Your Villages” And Attack Palestinians

The head of security for the Temple Mount, Itamar Ben-Gvir urged all Jews to flood the al-Aqsa Mosque, declaring that “Jerusalem is ours.” Thousands of Jewish nationalists filled the streets of Jerusalem crying out “Death to Arabs!” death to arabs – HD 720p They also attacked Palestinian shops: ISRAELI SETTERS ASSAULTING ELDERLY PALESTINIAN MAN IN […]

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The United States Is Preparing Pathways Within Europe To Move American Soldiers From Germany To Poland In The Case Of War With Russia

NATO is preparing routes within Europe to move American soldiers from Germany to Poland if there is a war with Russia, as we read in Kresy: NATO is preparing “land corridors” to transfer American troops and armored equipment to the front line of a major land war in Europe with Russia, the British Daily Telegraph […]

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Germany Declares That It Wants To Deploy Troops Into Gaza

Germany has made it clear that it wants to send soldiers into Gaza as a peacekeeping force, as we read in Euractiv: German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) is considering the possibility of her country participating in an international protection force for Gaza, as previously called for by the Arab League. In mid-May, the Arab […]

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German Intelligence Warns: ‘Hatred To The Jews Used To Be Done In The Dark, Now It Is More In The Open.’

German intelligence has been warning that while hatred to Jews used to be something more hidden, it is more and more becoming open, as we read in Haaretz: The coronavirus pandemic, the Hamas attack on Israel and the 2023 Israel-Gaza war have led to an increase in public antisemitism in Germany in recent years, Germany’s […]

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Israeli Nationalists Approach Woman Whose Children Were Slaughtered By Hamas On October 7th And Tell Her: “It’s A Good Thing They Killed Your Children, You Traitor Whore”. They Then Kick Her Husband In The Face And Blood Leaks From His Head

Israeli nationalists in Tel Aviv got into a violent altercation in which they told a woman whose was murdered by Hamas on October 7th: “It’s a good thing they killed your children, you traitor whore,” and they said this before kicking her husband in the face, making his head bleed. A gang of right-wingers beat […]

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Major German Official Demands: ‘Germany Must Recruit 900,000 Soldiers To Defend Against Russia.’

Germany, every year, is becoming more and more militaristic, and this is yet another new example of this. The chair of the German parliament’s defense committee, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, says Germany is going to need 900,000 soldiers to defend against Russia. As we read in Yahoo! News: The chair of the German parliament’s defense committee, Marie-Agnes […]

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Now Thats Ireland, Spain And Norway Have Recognized A Palestinian State, A New Trend Has Been Established In Western Europe And Now More Western European Countries Want To Recognize Palestine

After Ireland, Spain and Norway recognized a Palestinian state, a new precedent has been set for Western Europe and now more Western European countries want to recognize Palestine, as we read in Haaretz: Several EU member states are seriously looking into recognizing a Palestinian state, like Spain, Norway and Ireland have done, says the EU’s […]

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Biden Tells Israel And Hamas To Stop Fighting, Netanyahu Ignores Biden And Declares That He Will Continue To Bomb Gaza Until Hamas Is Destroyed

After Biden told Israel and Hamas to come to a truce, Netanyahu declared that his country will continue its bombardment of Gaza until Hamas is destroyed, as we read on the New York Times: A day after President Biden called on Israel and Hamas to reach a truce, declaring that it was “time for this […]

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Vultures On Syria: The Syrian Revolution Was An Opportunity For Turkey, Qatar And Saudi Arabia To Expand Their Power

One of the things that plagued the Western world (more specifically the United States), in the time from the fall of the Soviet Union to the fall of Saddam, to the fall of Gaddafi, to the beginning of the Syrian revolution, and until the period we are living in now, is hubris. This overly indulgent […]

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Judaism Is A Religion Dedicated To Fooling God

In the Talmud, there is a story known as “the Oven of Akhnai,” in which God declares that the rabbis have triumphed over Him. To say that rabbis have triumphed over God is peak antichrist. It betokens a superiority complex that knows no bounds and indicates an ideology of fooling God:

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Israelis rally in Tel Aviv against government _ AFP 0-0 screenshot

Major British Newspaper Warns: ‘Israel’s Greatest Threat Is From Within Its Own Ideological Divisions.’

The Economist, a major British newspaper, warned today that Israel’s greatest threat is from within its own ideological divisions. Here are some excerpts from the article: Some 300,000 reservist soldiers, including many who before the war had been threatening to suspend their service in protest at the proposed constitutional changes, rushed to their units. Israelis […]

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