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Life is Depressing

Reading about Ottoman history, I ran into the story of the Batak massacre in which thousands of Christians were beheaded, or impaled or burned alive in the Bulgarian town of Batak by Muslim Bulgarians (Pomaks) recruited by the Ottoman Empire. In reading of this horror, I think about all of the horrors that I’ve heard […]

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Turkey’s Elections: Nationalists VS Islamists. There Are No Good Sides

In this video I talk about how in the political divide within Turkey — between Islamists and nationalists — there are no good sides: THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE AND EUGENICS  Ernst Haeckel was deeply influenced by the German religious teacher, Friedrich Daniel Schleiermacher. In 1799 book, On Religion, Schleiermacher taught that true religion was forged deeply into […]

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The World Is Heading Towards Chaos And War

Life can be a very sad experience and full of tragedy: I still remember the days when imperial Japan and the Third Reich were still fresh memories, talked about frequently. Today, in the abandonment of such memories, we are returning to the past, in the sense that these countries are reviving from the ashes of […]

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The German Government Bans The Display Of Russian Flags For Victory Day Celebrations

The government of Germany has banned the display of Russian and Ukrainian flags, and the USSR flag, for May 9 celebrations. As we read in Letra: The court ruled that the display and wearing of the flag of the USSR, as well as St. George ribbons and St. George flags are also prohibited. This decision […]

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Demonic Rage In India As Hindus Slaughter Christians And Burn Churches

A demonic Hindu rage was unleashed recently in the Manipur region of India, where Hindus have murdered Christians burned down churches. Reverend Vijayesh Lal, General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, stated: “I spoke to some people even tonight and the situation in the district is dire. Churches have been burnt even today, despite […]

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The One Who Massacred Eight People In Serbia Is A Neo-Nazi

The one who massacred eight people in Serbia was a neo-nazi who was wearing a a t-shirt with neo-Nazi symbols as he was slaughtering people. As we read in WION: Authorities in Serbia released more details about the shooter who killed eight people in the country’s second mass shooting in two consecutive days, on Friday […]

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Six Christians Are Now Facing The Death Penalty In Libya Because NATO Murdered Gaddafi

Since NATO murdered Gaddafi, Christians are now facing horrendous persecution. Six Christians are now facing the death penalty in Libya: According to the Guardian: Six Libyans are facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity and proselytising under laws increasingly being used to silence civil society and human rights organisations, say activists. The women and […]

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2.3 Million People Take To Streets Of France, Riots Break Out And 108 Police Officers Get Attacked And Injured By Rioters

Chaos continues on in France as riots broke out with millions of people on the streets, and over a hundred cops getting injured. As we read in Rambler: According to the latest data, more than 290 demonstrators were detained across the country, including 90 in Paris. Earlier, leading trade unions in France called for May […]

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Putin Is Right: Ukraine Does Have A Nazi Problem

A lot of people laugh when Ukrainian nationalism is critiqued, but it is indeed a dark reality that cannot be scoffed away:   Since this war in Ukraine broke out in late February of 2022, there has been much whitewashing and undermining being done in regards to the presence of the far-Right in Ukraine, and […]

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