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Biden Tells Israel And Hamas To Stop Fighting, Netanyahu Ignores Biden And Declares That He Will Continue To Bomb Gaza Until Hamas Is Destroyed

After Biden told Israel and Hamas to come to a truce, Netanyahu declared that his country will continue its bombardment of Gaza until Hamas is destroyed, as we read on the New York Times: A day after President Biden called on Israel and Hamas to reach a truce, declaring that it was “time for this […]

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Vultures On Syria: The Syrian Revolution Was An Opportunity For Turkey, Qatar And Saudi Arabia To Expand Their Power

One of the things that plagued the Western world (more specifically the United States), in the time from the fall of the Soviet Union to the fall of Saddam, to the fall of Gaddafi, to the beginning of the Syrian revolution, and until the period we are living in now, is hubris. This overly indulgent […]

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Judaism Is A Religion Dedicated To Fooling God

In the Talmud, there is a story known as “the Oven of Akhnai,” in which God declares that the rabbis have triumphed over Him. To say that rabbis have triumphed over God is peak antichrist. It betokens a superiority complex that knows no bounds and indicates an ideology of fooling God:

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Major British Newspaper Warns: ‘Israel’s Greatest Threat Is From Within Its Own Ideological Divisions.’

The Economist, a major British newspaper, warned today that Israel’s greatest threat is from within its own ideological divisions. Here are some excerpts from the article: Some 300,000 reservist soldiers, including many who before the war had been threatening to suspend their service in protest at the proposed constitutional changes, rushed to their units. Israelis […]

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Germany And Sweden Sign Military Pact Against Russia And Agree To Cooperate In Their Defense Industries And Combat Aircraft

Germany and Sweden just signed a military pact and agreed on cooperation between their defense industries, military air crafts, cybersecurity and defense. As we read in Market Screener: Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson have signed an updated innovation partnership in Stockholm, which will, among other things, lead to investments […]

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Thousands Of Jewish Nationalists Gather Together In Israel To Declare: ‘Make Gaza Jewish Again!’

Thousands of Jewish nationalists gathered together in Israel’s south to declare their desire to make Gaza Jewish, as we read in Haaretz: Thousands of Israelis joined a far-right Independence Day march on Tuesday in the south, led by Jewish activists advocating for resettling Gaza and forcing Palestinians to leave the enclave. They were supported by […]

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Settlers Block Aid Trucks And Set Them On Fire To Stop Food From Entering Gaza

🚨BREAKING: Israeli settlers set fire to trucks carrying humanitarian AID to Gaza. These are the “civilians” of israel, they made sure to burn everything down so that no aid goes to Gaza. — Suppressed News. (@SuppressedNws) May 14, 2024 Settlers have blocked and burned aid trucks, stopping them from bringing food into Gaza, as […]

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15,000 Turkish Soldiers Are Training To Go To War On The Eastern Mediterranean

15,000 Turkish soldiers are partaking in a major training session on the Eastern Mediterranean, as we read in Hurriyet Daily News: Nearly 15,000 Turkish military personnel have participated in an extensive 11-day military exercise conducted in the eastern Mediterranean. Running from May 7 to 18 off Türkiye’s southwestern province of Muğla, the exercise, dubbed Seawolf-II, […]

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Germany Is Accelerating Itself To Forced Military Conscription In Order To Be “War Ready”

Germany is accelerating its discussion on bringing back forced military conscription in order to be “war ready,” another sign of Germany’s return to militarism. As we read in El Pais: Germany’s military rearmament, in addition to a representing a major financial outlay, also involves solving a pressing problem: the shortage of soldiers in the army. […]

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Major Israeli Newspaper: A Civil War Is Waging Within Israel

Haaretz, a major Israeli newspaper, published an article stating what we at have been saying for years now: a civil war is waging within Israel. As we read in the article: There is an elephant in the Israeli room – and no, it’s not occupation, though that is its main cause. The elephant in […]

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Jewish Settlers Declare To Palestinians: “We’re The Police And We’re The Army.” Settlers Are Now Purging Out Entire Palestinian Communities

Jewish settlers have been acting as if they are the authorities over the West Bank, declaring:’We’re the police and we’re the army.’Now entire Palestinian communities have been purged out, as we read in Haaretz: Ibrahim Mohammed Malihat looks toward the Jordan Valley. From the area where he lives, about a 20-minute drive from Jerusalem, you […]

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Jewish Settlers Shoot And Murder Palestinians, Burn Homes And Cars. They Enter One Home And Attack An 80 Year Old Man After Trying Grabbing And Pulling Away His Grandson

More information has come out about the attack done by settlers on the Palestinian village of Al-Mughayyir, and has been published by Haaretz in a recent article. The attackers were masked, wearing civilian clothes as they attacked homes. When locals rushed to protect the home of the Abu Ata family, Israeli soldiers shot at them […]

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