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Leader of Muslim Civil Rights Group Disgracefully Exploits Michael Brown Funeral in Ferguson

Why did CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad attend the funeral of Michael Brown, who was shot in Ferguson earlier this month? To say Awad had ulterior motives would be an understatement. Muslim Brotherhood operatives have been exploiting race and the civil rights movement to their advantage for decades. If Awad were truly concerned about healing […]

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I Am Afflicted With Islamophobia And I Pray That I Never Recover

The Trustee of a school district in Northern Texas rightfully sounded the alarm bell on her Facebook page, CAIR complains and instead of calling attention to what CAIR really is, thereby putting the spotlight where it belongs, a local ABC affiliate WFAA portrays CAIR as the righteous civil rights group and the trustee as a […]

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Don’t Blame ME for your Meltdown

Dear Andy (Commenter on this post), Whether we critique Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) of the Civil Rights Movement or Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer, it does not mean that we are critiquing the entire Civil Rights Movement, nor does it mean that we are critiquing every Protestant. If you want to have a meltdown, […]

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Civil Rights Beneficiaries now Civil Rights Deniers

Today, Christians can be Murdered for Drinking Water from Wrong Fountain By Ben Barrack Right this very moment, a young woman is facing death for drinking from a bowl of water that was meant for others who are not like her. Her name is Asia Bibi and she is a Catholic in Pakistan who was […]

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Amnesty International Afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome

Patty Hearst suffered from Stockholm Syndrome but can organizations suffer from it as well? Here is a description of what Stockholm Syndrome is: People suffering from Stockholm syndrome come to identify with and even care for their captors in a desperate, usually unconscious act of self-preservation. It occurs in the most psychologically traumatic situations, often […]

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