I Am Afflicted With Islamophobia And I Pray That I Never Recover

The Trustee of a school district in Northern Texas rightfully sounded the alarm bell on her Facebook page, CAIR complains and instead of calling attention to what CAIR really is, thereby putting the spotlight where it belongs, a local ABC affiliate WFAA portrays CAIR as the righteous civil rights group and the trustee as a bigot.

As is so often the case when CAIR try to throws its weight around after some pseudo-Islamophobic incident, the person at the center of it actually apologizes for doing something he / she should not apologize for.

In this particluar case, Jo Lynn Haussmann posted the following on her facebook page:


For starters, Haussmann’s point should be well-taken, especially if CAIR is getting involved. Not much is known about the Muslim to whom she is referring but the strategy of Muslim Brotherhood front groups involves encouraging Muslims to seek out positions of political power at the local, state, and federal levels.

Political jihad is a major stratagem of war. That CAIR is involved speaks volumes. In fact, if the Muslim City Council member was on the up and up, he / she would eschew CAIR’s assistance.

The local ABC affiliate should have picked up on this instead of standing on the sidelines. As a media entity, it should be within arms length of the scrum, calling balls and strikes.

Real investigative reporting of the local ABC affiliate in Dallas would be to determine if Haussman’s claims are warranted. After all, when CAIR is involved, the enemies of the United States are involved. Simply reporting on Haussmann’s facebook post and CAIR’s subsequent outrage is a dereliction of journalistic duty on the part of the reporter.

That’s what Islamophobia REALLY is.

Is it a good thing to be afflicted with Islamophobia?

Indeed, and I pray that I may never recover.

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Haussmann didn’t have a phobia when she posted to Facebook, yet she capitulated and she apologized. Was that enough?

Of course not, CAIR is still demanding that she be fired.

It is WFAA that clearly has a phobia. If it didn’t, the threat of an expose’ on CAIR would likely have gotten the group to back off. Instead, CAIR is portrayed as the righteous civil rights group and Haussman as the racist (h/t BNI):


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