Syrian Rebels Take 280 Christians Hostage

By Theodore Shoebat

These are the people we are helping. And Though these Islamic thugs are not a part of the Free Syrian Army, it must be recognized that they are many different brigades throughout Syria partaking in the revolution.

From Agenzia Fides (Thanks to Jihad Watch):

Homs (Agenzia Fides) – Christians kidnapped in the village of Rableh, on the border with Lebanon, in western Syria, spreads: after the maxi kidnapping which occurred yesterday, of 150 people (see Fides article 25/9), today another 130 civilians were detained and kidnapped by armed gangs in the area, creating a group of 280 hostages. As local sources of Fides report, the hostages were crammed into a school in the village of Gousseh, while the kidnappers released the women that had been stopped previously. The armed kidnappers announced that they intend to wait for their head and then discuss any possible ransom.

In the Christian community of Rableh there is a lot of fear as yesterday three Christians, who had been kidnapped in the village of Said Naya a few days ago, were found murdered on the side of a road. According to a local priest, who asked to remain anonymous told Fides, “This is not a persecution, but a maneuver to spread suspicion and mistrust and incite sectarian war.” The local committee of the “Mussalaha”, is looking for dialogue and a peaceful solution. The point is that we are talking about “unidentified armed gangs and out of control, they act independently and are not connected to the Free Syrian Army. This makes any negotiations much more difficult, ” observes our source. According to Fides sources, in Syria there are currently about 2,000 armed groups not related to the FSE, with their own agenda, that try to pollute the ongoing conflict between rebels and loyalists. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 25/09/2012)

It must be remembered that about a month ago this same village was taken hostage by free Syrian Army Members, only to be later liberated by Syrian soldiers of Assad government. 12,000 Christians were taken hostage in that event, in which a woman’s four sons were slaughtered.

One Syrian said on its siege:

Before Rableh became known for its siege, it was known as the town whose name was mentioned in the Bible and in which can be found a number of ancient Christian pilgrimage sites, in addition to the fertility of its land, where the arable land covers over 80% of its surface area. Its residents were not arable to get any of its crops due to their fear of dying.

A woman was killed by the rebels:

The armed gangs jumped over this wall, and they brought the bomb inside. The wife of the man who got killed came out to confront them. They put a gun to her head. [inaudibale]… and then you’ve got a least 5 people who got killed as a result.

Now the same village has been attacked, this time by a different brigade; but, all such groups will be found to be interconnected in the end.




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