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Today’s Barrack Show – Ansar al-Sharia Egypt

On Today’s show… Ansar al-Sharia Egypt has not gotten nearly enough attention when it comes to Benghazi. Last year, al-Qaeda was on the run. One year later, the personnel in U.S. embassies all over the Middle East are on the run. That we haven’t been told the truth about Ansar al-Sharia Egypt (and so many […]

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CNN’s Drew Griffin should not be trusted on CIA Story

Conservatives find it so refreshing when a liberal outlet performs what is called – in the parlance of Rush Limbaugh – a ‘random act of journalism’ that they’re often willing to overlook the history of the individual who supposedly committed it. CNN’s Drew Griffin appeared to commit a ‘random act of journalism’ when he reported […]

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Video: Wafa Sultan exposes Religious Bigotry of Omar Bakri Muhammad

The left loves to point to the Christian right as a group of intolerant bigots who want to impose their beliefs on others. In reality, though Christians are commanded to hold very strict beliefs while ministering to others, they are absolutely not commanded to impose those beliefs on others or subjugate those who fail to […]

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Shoebat.com Response to CNN Smear Campaign

We’ve added a video to show to illustrate the integrity of the Journalist whom seemed intent on smearing the Walid Shoebat Foundation…. Click here to view: http://shoebat.org/videos/drewGriffin.php We have also replaced our “home page” temporarily with a ‘response’ article written by Walid Shoebat (http://shoebat.org/), from here you can view how absurd the smear campaign is, […]

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