Video: Wafa Sultan exposes Religious Bigotry of Omar Bakri Muhammad

The left loves to point to the Christian right as a group of intolerant bigots who want to impose their beliefs on others. In reality, though Christians are commanded to hold very strict beliefs while ministering to others, they are absolutely not commanded to impose those beliefs on others or subjugate those who fail to accept them. In fact, they are commanded not to do such things. Quite conversely, they are told that they themselves will be persecuted (2 Timothy 3) and to avoid evildoers, not conquer them.

Contrast that with the words of Muslim Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, who says that non-Muslims will be forced to convert or be subjugated, even in their own lands. Is this not type of entity about whom the Bible warns?

Wafa Sultan rightfully points out that she doesn’t have to debate Bakri because he exposed himself with his own words.

Via MRC:

What media entity in the West is going to cover this religious bigotry (racism based on CAIR’s standard) from a prominent Islamic Sheikh?

Paging Drew Griffin and Anderson Cooper…

It would appear that the liberal media has already been subjugated (or converted).


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